10 Best horror movies of all time for the “Tweens” during this Halloween

10. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, 1966

This is an absolute classic movie that is packed with rocks and tricks. This is a Halloween special and this is the 3rd Peanuts special that will be animated. Autumn is in full swing, and the Peanuts gang prepared for the Halloween. Lucy and Linus went out to the community pumpkin patch that will locate the pumpkin. Lucy selected the biggest they can locate and make Linus as the one to take it back into the house. He was dismayed when it happens that Lucy will “kill it” to create the jack-o-lantern. Right after the opening remarks, Snoopy assisted Charlie Brown to finish the raking of a pile of leaves. Then, Linus jumped into the heaps with the large lollipop. Lucy enticed Charlie Brown to boot the football, with their usual results.

9. Casper, 1995

This is the most wholesome and the cutest of all Halloween tales. Casper is the type of young ghost who calmly haunts a house in Maine. When the specialist, James Harvey arrives to talk with Casper and the fellow spirits, he takes along with him Kat, his teenage daughter. Casper quickly falls for Kat, but their promising relationship is in a complicated status and not only because of his transparent state, also because of his troublemaking ghost uncles and the mischievous antics.

8. Frankenweenie, 2012

The young Victor Frankenstein is an outsider at school and a science nerd, but he does have his good friend: Sparky, his dog. Then, tragedy strikes, Sparky scuffle off the mortal coil. Victor was heartbroken, and his science professor gave the idea about how to jolt the old Sparky be back to him, alive. The experiment had been successful, and everything went well, until the fellow students of Victor stole his secret and used it to revive other dead animals, but with monstrous cost.

7. Corpse Bride, 2005

This is a good entry of Tim Burton where the family of Victor and Victoria had arranged their wedding. Although they like both of them, Victor is really nervous about a ceremony. Whilst he is in the forest practicing what he will say in their wedding, the tree branch became a hand that dragged him to the deceased land. It is Emily and she was murdered right after running off with her love because she wanted to marry Victor. He must get back at aboveground before Victoria will be able to marry the wicked Barkis Bittern.

6. Song of the Sea, 2014

This fantasy film followed Ben and Saoirse who are being caught up in the supernatural fight a Halloween. The Irish youth discovered that his mute sibling is a selkie that should locate her voice and the free supernatural creatures that was from the Celtic goddess spell.

5. Ghostbusters, 1984

After the members from the team of the scientists lose their cushy stance at New York City University, they settled on becoming “Ghostbusters” that will wage the high-tech fight with the paranormal for money. They stumbled upon the gateway to one more dimension, the doorway that may release evil upon a city. These Ghostbusters must now rescue New York from the total destruction.

4. Over the Garden Wall, 2014

The movie is set during the Halloween night and it is one of those original stories of Halloween that the kids can watch. On one adventure, brothers Greg and Wirt were lost in an Unknown, the odd woods adrift in time. The bluebird Beatrice and the wise old woodsman assisted them in finding their way. Along their way, Wirt’s judgments envelope him, whilst those wonders of surroundings preoccupied Greg.

3. The Halloween Tree, 1993

From the novel by Ray Bradbury, the made-for-television movie followed 4 kids across time and culture since their quest in saving the soul of the dying friend. It can be said that Bradbury did for the Halloween what also Charles Dickens made for Christmas.

2. Coco, 2017

Coco had been the inspiration of the Mexican holiday movie and it is about the Halloween as the film may possibly be. Despite the family’s generations-old veto on music, the young Miguel dreamt of becoming a skillful musician. Desperate on proving his talent, Miguel discovers himself in the colorful and the striking Land of those Dead. After meeting the charming trickster known as Héctor, the 2 new friends embarked on the extraordinary journey that will unlock the real tales behind the history of Miguel’s family.

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993

The movie followed the misadventures of the Halloweentown’s beloved pumpkin king’s, Jack Skellington, who had been bored with the similar yearly routine of frightening individuals in the “actual world.” When Jack happened to accidentally stumbled on Christmastown, and all warm spirits and the bright colors and then he also takes the lease on life. Then, he also plots to take Christmas under the control through kidnapping Santa Claus, plus attaining the role. But then Jack soon discovered even in the best-laid plans of the skeleton men and the mice can go totally awry.

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