10 Cloverfield Lane 2016


This film is a psychological thriller movie by director Dan Trachtenberg with writer Josh Campbell, Damien Chazelle and Matthew Stucken. The movie was taken from a script entitled The Cellar, and under the production of Bad Robot. It was turned in a spiritual heir of the 2008 movie Cloverfield. The film followed a young woman that after a car crash woke up in the underground bunker together with two men that insisted an event has left out the surface of an Earth uninhabitable.

The Cast Lists:

Mary Elizabeth Winstead played as Michelle

John Goodman played as Howard Stambler

John Gallagher, Jr. as Emmett DeWitt

Bradley Cooper played as the voice of Ben

Suzanne Cryer played as the woman

The Story Line:


Michelle has been in an argument with Ben, her fiancé, and settles on leaving New Orleans. When she was driving through the rural Louisiana that evening, news reports over the TV and radio told about the blackouts in major cities. The car is abruptly struck by a bit and rolls over the road, knocking her ignorance. She woke up in a locked solid room, attached herself to the wall, and when her leg gets injured, the other injury has been treated. When the door opens, and the man known as Howard explained that he will be alive, before providing her the set of crutches to assist her in walking and unchaining her just before locking when closing her up. Michelle carved the final of crutch to a hard point and attracts Howard return to the door to attempt in attacking him, but he is conscious of her attack and then stops it. Howard told her that there were massive attack by entities and everybody else was dead, and it may be impossible to depart from bunker as the chemical or the nuclear fallout that might kill them.


Howard took the calmer Michelle on a journey in the well-stored bunker, and encountered the other occupant, Emmett. Emmett talked to Howard about letting him to the bunker right after witnessing a red flash out. Howard showed Michelle to a hatch, and by a window, pointed out two deceased pigs, proofs of the deadly surroundings outside. Michelle saw Howard’s truck close by and dimly recalls from a crash. During the initial dinner together, Michelle took Howard’s keys to a mark, but when she was about to unlock it, a lady suffered from a serious skin lesions abruptly came from outside, pleading to allow to get before she falls dead. Michelle understands Howard was right and gave back the keys. Howard admitted that he had beat Michelle’s auto in his alarm, to get to his trench and get her in.

The Writers’ View:

The real star of the movie is John Goodman, however, in one of his best performances in a later year, Goodman maintain the viewer’s eyes glued on the screen and will makes you totally engaged throughout. Cloverfield’s performance was not really that great – it was rather regular in all honesty, but the movie takes something else. Goodman takes on a total powerhouse of the performance, and every cast were brilliant and strong as well.

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