10 Horror Movies With Mom/Mother In The Titles According To Their Fame

2014 – Goodnight Mommy

Right after the massive facial surgery, an eponymous mother in this Austrian terrifying movie certainly looks terrifying, who is covered in headgear and bandages. The matter of what lies beneath the bandages and what the twin boys did to discover is even scarier.

1994 – Serial Mom

Waters loved to disclose the sadism lurking beneath the face of an American dream, and Sutphin was the ideal vessel for the plan. Beverly did not waver in her task of protecting the nuclear family, even when this will include beating the neighbor to demise with the leg of the lamb and then killing the other woman for wearing the white shoes right after Labor Day.

2013 – Mama

Mama begun off bleak, as the down-on-his-charm father took his young kids out to the forest with plans of committing murder-suicide. But, what happens instead will be even worse: The lass was taken in by the vengeful demonic entity known as “Mama,” who refused to leave them even after the eventual rescue.

1981 – Mommie Dearest

Whether this is totally accurate or not, the account of Christina Crawford of the abuse that she undergone from the popular adoptive mother J. Crawford is even more terrifying than those monster stories.

2007 – A Mother’s Hand Might

In a fairy tale, dark world; the mother has impending wishes about a demon that lurked in the woods outside. On the hunting trip she took the 2 daughters with her like the usual – but during this day a daughter is being lured into a demon’s layer by using the puppet, but the mother handles to take the daughter free – the mother hits her wandering daughter and then they go home. Then later that evening the demon penetrated the family house and possesses the mother making the monster coming from her.

2011 – An Evening with My Comatose Mother

When Dorothy was invited over into the Poe’s during the night of Halloween, no one ever says to her about their comatose, decomposing mother who was staying in an upstairs bedroom. She hopes that somebody had during the time that the storm hits, then, the Mother woke up.

1909 – Cuore di mamma

In the shape of the elegantly clothe gentleman, Mephistopheles appeared with the wanting of working havoc with the heart of the lady, whose devotion to the little daughter embodied every true affection that only the mom will express to her first-born. Even though endeavoring to defy the temptations of a persuasive lover, the lady became aware of the weak against the designing individual who told her that when she will not provide him her voluntary love, he will take her heart by imposed. Then the guy’s form is oddly changed with that of a Devil, who abstracted the heart of the victim and then departed.

2019 – Mother

After 10 years, Megan escaped from her cruel father. Now, after the demise of her father, she returned home to see her Mother who had been seeking for forgiveness. However, what Megan returned to be far more threatening than anything that she could ever predict.

1997 – Mommy’s Day

This is a mystery, thriller and horror movie about the homicidal matriarch that will not allow anything to stand in the manner of the reunion with the daughter.

1995 – Mommy

This horror, mystery, and thriller movie are about the happening when the 12 years old Jessica-Ann’s instructor breaks her neck she started suspecting that overprotective and cold mother is the killer.

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