1BR, 2019

The film is a thriller, drama, and horror movie of director and writer David Marmor.  

Cast Lists

  • Nicole Brydon Bloom appeared as Sarah
  • Andrew Carrillo appeared as Slapped Resident  
  • Evan Dickson appeared as Apartment Resident 
  • Naomi Grossman appeared as Janice
  • Andrea Gabriel appeared as Cristina       
  • Mark Krenik appeared as the Resident  
  • Giles Matthey appeared as Brian
  • Kevin Mulhare appeared as the Resident
  • Luke Pacheco appeared as the Apartment Hunter
  • Jay Pennick appeared as Interviewer      
  • Celeste Sully appeared as Lisa    
  • Hannah Altman appeared as Natalie
  • Alan Blumenfeld appeared as Sarah’s Father
  • Susan Davis appeared as Miss Stanhope
  • Tracy Déchaux appeared as the Resident
  • Hailey Giles appeared as Diane
  • Clayton Hoff appeared as Lester
  • Suzshi Lang appeared as the Resident
  • Daniel McDonald appeared as the Resident
  • Taylor Nichols appeared as Jerry
  • Earnestine Phillips appeared as Esther   
  • Curtis Webster appeared as Charles D. Ellerby
  • Sean Savadian appeared as the Student


After leaving behind that painful past to hunt for her dreams, Sarah scored the ideal Hollywood apartment. However, a thing isn’t just right. Not able to sleep, threatened by notes and tormented by the strange noises, her new life rapidly began to unravel. During the moment that she discovered the terrifying truth, it is really too late. Caught within the waking nightmare, Sarah should find the courage to hold onto the crumbling sanity she has… or just be trapped forever within the existential hell.

Writer’s Notion

A small spin of the cult genre situated at the hub of LA. A thing that has been adored about this film is that its premise is not drawn out, they go directly to the major plot in the pretty rapid order, you are not being stuck wondering and waiting when it will really begin to be interesting. It is a low budget, however, it is being shot well, and their acting is all fine, and the lead actress is also very pretty.

The tale is about a, somewhat introverted, naive and young woman that moves from the core of nowhere to begin her new life in Los Angeles and locates an affordable 1 bedroom dwelling place. There is a bit of back story as to the reason why, it is an adorable tame reveal and does not matter all really that much. Soon, right after moving in, Sarah noticed some of her neighbors are somewhat odd and are not as nice like she initially thought they will be. Soon, things start getting to be aggressive then you are pulled into the major plot for the other scenes of the movie.

There are some suspense, some violence, a bit of blood and gore, a couple scares, and it ended through a bit of some twist. It is not going to bash you away or with anything but, it is ideally watchable while being bored out and stuck indoors of your mind, while the twist in the end side left the audience interested in a possible sequel.

It can be said that David Marmor work on his movie really turned out to something interesting. The film has been directed nicely and absolutely turned out as something entertaining. The storyline was really good, even though it felt somewhat a bit rushed.

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