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MV5BMTk3OTMyMTY0MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDA3NDk0OQ@@._V1_SY317_CR5,0,214,317_This movie is a remake. This movie is okay. And those are the only facts you can say for sure – all the rest is the matter of movie taste. For me, it is a good movie in a way and at some points I was even thrilled. A friend I watched the movie with said how the movie seems nice, and twenty minutes later he just fell asleep.

So, first things first: the movie is about a character who has fetish for scalps. He owns a mannequin shop, kills girls and takes their hair to put it on some of the mannequins. He meets a girl photographer interested in taking photos of the mannequins. Maniac’s world pulsates and his scalp obsession grows as they are getting closer.


The first great thing about this movie is that Elijah Wood is the maniac. He brought out the maniac’s deepest passions and used the tone of voice we haven’t often had chance to hear in his movies. The voice was crucial since we don’t get to see him a lot. That’s the second great thing – we are watching everything from the maniac’s point of view. When he sees everything blurry, everything’s blurry for us, too. When he focuses on the neck of a beauty that he is about to kill, we also breathe near her neck. Stephen King says that monsters live inside us, and I guess that maniacs are kind of monsters. This time our monsters are awoken and we become the maniacs. That’s what gives this horror a dose of good tension.

On the other hand, Anne the photographer is very regular horror character and that spoils the originality. She is one of those naive girls and the viewer just can’t escape that need to yell at her: “Run, you stupid, can’t you see he is going to kill you?!“

Her and maniac’s character are in misbalance, the maniac is created with more details and biography points that explain his behavior, while she is just a regular victim. He has some flashbacks (we have some flashbacks!) when he remembers his mother who was a drug addict and easy woman. We can see how she neglected him in childhood, so we can understand how did he develop his unusual hobbies. His complicated relationship with mother is something that makes him remind us of Norman Bates and other Hitchcock characters. Though, this movie isn’t precise as any of Hitchcock’s movies. It is fun for watching, shocking at some moments and well-organized, but it is not something you will remember for the rest of your life.

Still, that’s not a reason to skip it. On the contrary, it could make your evening great. It is scary, but not too scary. You won’t need the lights on when you go to sleep. It is a horror with the right amount of the blood and screams. It is spiced up with an original music, quite appropriate for the genre, still very modern and impressible.

Finally, I hope you will decide to dedicate some time to this movie and make your own conclusion. Try to test yourself as a maniac and good luck!


The good old fairy tale Hansel & Gretel as we all know the story comes to the big screen but this time it’s not only about the Brothers Grimm story of siblings caught in a candy house with a witch making them as her dinner delight. The story goes beyond the old children’s story or we can say it’s a continuity of what is known to us.

Tapping the box office was not easy for this film. Going over the film moments on the screen and how it ends up close to the box office list will be fun to tell and hoping it can help any viewers to decide whether to watch it or not.

Looking at the film story

The movie aims to show a fantasy horror story. The original fairy tale story is really a fantasy and it became famous for that. Making it a horror piece gives it an intrigue and the people love it. The trailer looks great making both children and adult anxious for its showing. It was rated as “PG” and so teens and once teens can watch it. Overall, the story successfully gains the likings of the people and expected to really give a scream.

The film falls short, why? 

Hansel & Gretel come strong in its pre-showing promotion and everybody expect a lot from this film. Its first week was a blast but after which it slowly lost its touch on the public. Some who expect horror was disappointed because It lack scares and fright. Those viewers who watch it because it’s a fantasy movie will find it fair and nice to watch. The goriness of the film is sufficiently shown and with full special effects. So after its first week of showing different comments and feedbacks arises. There are lots of bad ones that really hinder a person’s decision to watch the movie and thus affects the sale of the film.

The film loose connection at the time setting. It is set in the late medieval period but yet the weaponry used by the heroes is way out of the era. Hunting and killing witch are done with shotguns and Gatling guns, really unreal. This shortcoming is very noticeable in the movie.

The movie despite of great negative circumstance continues to be viewed globally and slowly reaching good sales in its extended showing timeframe. Still it can be a good watch and maybe not all love it but for some it is entertaining.

I wonder who the real cannibals are?

cannibal_holocaustAre you ready to leave the 21st century for 90 minutes and experience something completely mind-blowing? Cannibal Holocaust, a movie filmed in 1980, surely offers an unusual adventure and, though it isn’t really high rated, it deserves certain attention.

We are moving to the jungle of Amazon, to a place called Green Inferno, where time stopped three or four thousand years ago. A group of filmmakers went there to make a documentary about savages and cannibal tribes. Of course, they never came back. An anthropologist called Harold Monroe goes there with a rescuing team to explore what happened. At the beginning, a viewer could ask – why Monroe? It would probably be more exciting if someone closer to the filmmakers went there with a rescue team. The proffesor’s antropology orientation isn’t really crucial for the plot.

Fun Fact#1: Due to a scene where a cannibal woman is impaled on a pole, the film maker had to appear in court to prove that no actors were harmed in the making of the film.(src)

Never mind all the things that could be done different, it is as it is. And for the first half an hour, it is a bit borring. Though, we do get slightly introduced in the nature marvels, meeting different beasts and in the end the biggest beast of them all – the humans. What is great about this movie is using the footage of real native tribes and mixing them with the directed content. That’s what makes this movie so rough. And not just that. There are several striking scenes full of blood, sex and violence. Some of them will probably make you cover your eyes to avoid the visual horror. Raping a woman and killing her after, cutting a turtle and ripping its guts, pulling out a baby from mother’s womb and burying it in mud are just some of them.

Fun Fact #2: The film was confiscated ten days after its premiere in Milan, and Deodato was arrested. The courts believed not only that the four actors portraying the missing film crew were killed for the camera.

7479742.3After the proffesor and the rescuing team go trough the jungle and meet the first two tribes, they face with the cannibal tribe Yanomamas. They get the tapes which were made by the filmmakers before their death. The rest of the movie is based on those tapes and we follow what the filmmakers do. Are we close to the truth? Yes, but it’s the different kind of truth abouth their death. While we watch their jungle footage, we are getting disgusted by their prepotent and arrogant attitude. They are acting like their modern toys such as cameras are a great weapon against those savages. Simoultaneously, they are maybe even bigger savages. They are the ones who usurped someone else’s territory. Beside the bestalities that are the integral parts of the tribe’s tradition, those brash and rude fame hunters provoked them for more brutality. Their documentary is mostly a setup. It is a big question – how the tribe sees them? This time they probably looked like cannibals, which they actually were and, in a way, even autocannibals – they ate themselves and they are responsible for own end.

Fun Fact #3: The actors had signed contracts with the producers ensuring that they would not appear in any type of media, motion pictures, or commercials for one year after the film’s release in order to promote the idea that the film was truly the recovered footage of missing documentarians.

The movie is not really masterpiece. There are some really big mishits. For example, the music in some parts is more appropriate for spring time romance than for an adventure/horror. Also, the actors (especially those in supporting roles) sometimes really aren’t convincing at all. Beside all that, the movie is worth of watching, since it makes you think about important questions. The most important: “Who the real cannibals are?“. You can watch this found-footage-pioneering Gore flick online for free on

When it comes to massacring people using chain saw and brute force, the Texas Chainsaw movies have successfully illustrated this horror definition. The sequel have been positively accepted by moviegoers and has left its mark in the box office list. This year another sequel of the movie is created in an attempt to give viewers more scares and gore. A review of the film will be a valid act to convince people of whether this horror movie is another good one to watch or just a lame dollar-getter film.

The Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013) effects and scenes

cs1Horror movies are full of FX’s and shocking scenes that give viewer’s surprise, stuns, scare and fright. What this sequel offer is 3D effects that the producer proudly present. The special effects make scenes more bloody, gory, and scary. It makes the scenes more alive and realistic. One thing that most viewers notice in the movie effect is that Leatherface should be more scarier and its mask should have that legendary style as it is an urban legend.

Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013) storyline

cs2The movie is a direct sequel so the story revolves on how the Leatherface kills and torture his victim. Using his favorite killing toy, a high powered chainsaw, he gives a group of people a run and fight for their lives. Leatherface motive of revenge give a story a new thing to see although the plot clearly shows an end where the villain will get death as punishment. Leatherface is a horror icon that many viewers and fanatics wants to see again and waits for the movie to come out in the cinema. In this reason, many of the viewers are a little disappointed with how this villain turns out and how it has been played. A question arises of whether this sequel is connected to the original 1974 movie or will it stand alone as a new Texas Chainsaw movie.

The actors and actresses of Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

Yes, just like the original or any other gore films. The movie has a cast of sexy young girls and handsome young boys who travelled together to enjoy life. This time a group of youngsters visit a place where one of their peers inherited a house which turns out to be a mansion. This is not an all star cast, some are even starting their way to stardom. They all played their role well, it’s only the fact that the scenes they have is too ordinary which does not give them a moment of distinction.

The Final Words cs7

The Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013) is a big mess-up to the original one. It has few punch scenes and more of those old horror style things like the car not starting then when the villain comes close, its start and the victim escape, too ordinary. The movie can be given a shot just don’t expect too much like the classic one.