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This typical horror film of (Chloe Grace Moretz) Carrie White is a visualization of her booming acting and performance. The movie tells a story of an introvert girl that is being exiled by her group mates and being abused by her intensely psychotic spiritual mother (Julianne Moore). She was gifted with a psychic power which she has developed after her first menstruation and gone out of control after being pressed too far on her junior-senior prom. This is based on Stephen King top selling tale. This movie is directed by Kimberly Peirce and a screenplay by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

The characters

DePalma’s direction is something that we can consider disgraceful. The presentation and the recital of Sissy Spacek as the playful label character and Piper Laurie as the insane mother seems to be over acted. On the other hand, Chloe Grace Moretz shows her anxiousness in the early part of the movie but she managed to cuddle it with all her heart when she discovered her abilities in the movie and gives a wildly bloody crescendo (Besides, Moretz create her name as the little strong Hit Girl in the “Kick Ass movie, but here, she makes the peak of the film into something similar to a performing artist.) On the other hand, Julianne Moore seems to be more frightening, but Laurie was absolutely showing the evil spirit power of her rage. Not to mention that these two wonderful ladies are one of those flexible and talented actresses of their time. The viewers will be truly satisfied with their acting and the movie really stimulated the followers of the old version about four decades ago.

The story

This is the essence of a useless remake movie. There is no way that a remake film will be a lot better than the original film, or even if they used a component that might have been ignored, or not discovered from Stephen King’s source of data. The film is not a remake of every shot from the original movie, but in their effort to be realistic to the subject matter and theme of the film, no part of the movie is shown without any style. If you are expecting any revelation and other scary scene in the film, sorry to tell you, but it does not have that thing. The makers of the film believed that the viewers of the movie will not be aware of its plot or its hugely noisy ending.

The great catch 

The slip- up of Carrie 2013 is that De Palma’s explanation of Carrie is supposed to be a sad figure, but the attitude’s film to her is ill-defined. The movie does not show Carrie’s vengeance. As a matter of fact, the death of the enemy is very concise, cruel rupture disagrees with the viewer approval that might have resulted from a continued argument. Pierce, working with Lawrence Cohen and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, wants the audience to recognize Carrie. Pierce spends a lot of her time rather than De Palma making Carrie’s quality more considerate. When it comes to the prom scenes, she wants us to observe Carrie’s aggression. 


This is another zombie movie this year aside from World War Z. This is directed by Christopher Roosevelt. The stars are Kayla Ewell, Richard Kohnke, and Ashlle Brian. Since I am a fan of zombie movies, I didn’t miss watching this one and find myself watching it in a cinema.


This movie is about six college friends went to the Louisiana Bayou estate to have a fun weekend getaway. During their happy times, the group is warned that the US is being attacked by terrorist using biological weapons. They think that that danger zone is just far from the area so they didn’t bother about it. Accidentally, the enemy bomber crash outside the nearest city, which turned the entire community into zombies.

Low Budget, Less Gore

The storyline is very simple and I think this zombie film is created by beginners. This film has a low budget so that’s why it has several flaws. Honestly, I was not satisfied watching the entire film. This film doesn’t have enough blood, gore and violence. If you are expecting gory, this film lack of it. However, it has great actors. But, when talking about the props used by the zombies, I think they couldn’t afford to buy the materials needed to make these zombies look like real zombies.

Lots of screaming, shouting and yelling 

As the movie progressed, it shows a lot of screaming, shouting, panicking, running, yelling as the zombies try to dilute the group. It is a bit annoying and the screaming is quite hamming. The special effects are so poor. It didn’t help to beautify the entire film. Because it has a low budget; probably, they couldn’t give the nice special effects. The cinematography and sound effects are quite lacking.

The ending is so confusing and horrible

The ending is so confusing and horrible. I was puzzled on the ending of this film. It is you who will decide for the ending. I think this film has the chance to be better, but as of now, it has a bad script, acting, props, production, and directing and splatter scenes. It lacked the necessary elements to beautify and enhance the production of the film.

In summary, this film has potential to be better, but due to lack of budget it is impeded to become one. If you want to see another zombie storyline which has a different zombie mannerism, you can find it in this film.

A new sequel of V/H/S/ is released in theaters this year and since I have watched the first one, I decided to watch the continuation. The film was about the two private investigators who are employed to find a missing university student. They went to the house of the student for their investigation, but they only found empty area and only a pile of VHS and TV tapes were there and there were “watch” written on them. I think I like more on this sequel than the first one, but it was still a mediocre horror movie.

Better than the previous film

In this movie, it was more crashing, more comical, heavier, but also shorter as compared to the previous movie. Even though this film had a short time, but it was just enough to see what it could offer to the viewers. This film had four segments that can be found in the collection, the two were great, one was good and the other one was fairly entertaining. Honestly, I enjoyed watching the first one, but I like this film more. There was a great improvement in the production of the whole film.  Typically, this one was better than the original film.

Phase 1 Clinical Trials

The first segment was called “Phase 1 Clinical Trials”, was about a man who had been undergone into eye replacement which leads him to see ghosts. This ghost tale tape is full of fun and creepy at the same time. The story line was so scary and spine-chilling. I enjoyed watching it because of the jump scares it could give, but there was refutable scene here that did not make any sense at all. Still, I like this first segment, especially the underwater scene.

A Ride in the Park

The second one was “A Ride in the Park”, it centered on zombie and crass intestine eating scenes. It was a short zombie storyline. It was a cool zombie short that had the potential to be better. In this segment, it was quite comedic than a horror one. Even though, it was quite unusual for a horror film to have a comedic twist, but I still like it. Thanks to some fantastic scenes here.

Safe Haven

Safe Haven was the third segment was, an Indonesian horror tale that shoots a documentary about a cryptic cult that resides in the countryside. This was the best segment out of the four. It was the craziest, but entertaining part. If putting more attention, it could be expanded better. There was flakey, violent and fun at the same time on this segment.

Slumber Party Alien Abduction

The last part was the “Slumber Party Alien Abduction”, a storyline about aliens intruding a slumber party. This film was short and completely intense. What I noticed on this segment was the unique way of making it. However, there were times that it came in my mind what was going on, but I was still entertained.

Overall, this film was fun, entertaining, comical and over the top insane and violent. It was a lot better than the previous film.