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The Wailing (2016)

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This is a South Korean terrifying horror movie by director Na Hong-jin regarding a policeman that investigates the sequences of the illnesses and strange killings. The movie was a business success.

The Cast Lists:

Kwak Do-won played as Jong-goo

Hwang Jung-min played as Il-gwang

Jeon Bae-soo played as Deok-gi

Kil Chang-gyoo played as Park Choon-bae

Park Chae-ik played as the Friend

Lee Chang-hoon played as the Doctor

Kim Do-yoon played as Yang I-sam

Kim Hwan-hee played as Hyo-jin

Choi Gwi-hwa played as Byeong-gyoo

Kim Gi-cheon played as Dispatch captain

Kwon Hyeok-joon played as the Friend

Jo Han-cheol played as Detective 1

Lee In-cheol played as the Father

Her Jin played as the Mother-in-law

Im Jae-il played as a Police

Kim Ji-won played as Nurse

Jun Kunimura played as Japanese stranger

Son Kang-gook played as Oh Seong-bok

Jeong Mi-nam played as Heung-gook

Chun Woo-hee played as Moo-myung

Jang So-yeon played as the Wife

Park Seong-yeon played as Kwon Myeong-joo

Baek Seung-cheol played as a Friend

Yoo Soon-woong played as the Chief of police

Kim Song-il played as the Police

Jo Seon-joo played as the hostess bar

Bae Yong-geun played as the Police

The Story Line:

A Japanese guy has presently arrived at the little town in the South Korean mountains, living in a private house. The mysterious illness began scattering towards the villagers that triggers rashes where it preceded violent, fatal outbreaks following the stupor and then death.


Police official Jong-goo, who is examining the case, encounter a strange young lady named as Moo-myeong, who told him regarding the Japanese outsider, and then later disappears. The local hunter told Jong-goo that he noticed the near-naked guest eating the deer, with red glowing eyes. Jong-goo was anxious, as he had dreams regarding this stranger, where the hunter had explained it to him. He enlisted the help of the other police official, and the Japanese-speaking priest that serve being their translator, and they examined the outsider house while being away. The other police officials discovered photos of the murdered and infected residents with their belongings. He is also shocked to state anything about the others. The outsider guard dog in the house attacked the Jong-goo and the priest. The outsider arrived and then pacifies the dog, while the remaining three leaves.


The police official told Jong-goo about what his witness, and handed over the shoe that belonged to the daughter of Jong-goo, Ms. Hyo-jin. Soon, Hyo-jin became sick and then displayed identical symptoms just like with the other grimy villagers. Jong-goo makes his way into the house of the stranger with an anger priest, but discovered that the pictures and the evidence have been blazed. Furious, he smashed out the stranger’s worship room and then murdered the dog when it comes to him, ordering the outsider to leave their village.

The Writers’ View:

The director, battles on finding a good tonal balance. During those times of pitch perfect and during the other moments all over the spot, the tone battles on being consistent. For the primary third of the movie, it is initially a funny film with brief bursts of violence and depravity. The comedy worked so well and the viewers are laughing many times. Then when a terrible imagery came up it was just sudden and so effective. There was the natural balance here, but it seemed lost with the next act. The comedy became slapstick and it did not fit in the rest of the movie. The artists became on-the-top and their acting is somewhat not on the ways expected from them and really different from their introduction.

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This film is the first English-language horror movie of director André Øvredal. The story is about a father-and-son experience as coroners with encounters to supernatural phenomena during their examination with the body of the nameless woman Olwen Kelly.

The Cast Lists:

Brian Cox played as Tommy Tilden

Emile Hirsch played as Austin Tilden

Ophelia Lovibond played as Emma

Olwen Catherine Kelly played as Jane Doe

Parker Sawyers played as Officer Cole

Michael McElhatton played as the Sheriff Sheldon Burke

The Story Line:

There is an unidentified dead body of a woman that was located half-buried in the underground of a house wherein a bizarre and bloody homicide had happened. One from the policemen concluded that there were no marks of enforced entry and the dead seemed to be attempting to escape from the house instead. The small-town coroner or investigator Tommy Tilden together with the assistance from his son Austin has ended the autopsy of the burned corpse, then, suddenly Emma, Austin’s girlfriend, came and became curious about the dead bodies at the morgue.


When she saw the tied bell at the ankle of the dead body, Tommy explained to her that, formerly, the bells were applied to give a signal if somebody was just in a comatose condition instead of them really dead. The police arrived with the strange body and told Tommy that he needed the COD or cause of death report the next morning. Austin decided to assist his father instead of going out with Emma going to the theater, but he still asked her to come back after hours. Since the body’s identification is still unknown and the fingerprints were not on the records of the police, they refer the dead as Jane Doe. Tommy and Austin began with the autopsy through the external inspection of the corpse. They noticed that there were no visible signs of scars or marks and trauma. They found out that her eyes were cloudy, and this only happens when the bodies were already dead for a couple of days, but still the corpse appears fresh. Her ankle bones and wrist were shattered having no outward signs of injury and the tongue has been removed non-surgically.


 The Writers’ View:

The film was a lighthearted movie. It is a father and a son mortician type of movie. The director wonderfully succeeded in the initial creation of a comfortable environment, together with the little casting of characters and the setting of scenarios, and then masterfully began upping the discomfort heights of the situation, until the moment came that you are finally sitting on the boundary of your seat, and biting your nails at the same time. Like in the former movies of Øvredal’s, which describe as what you can’t see may be a million periods more disturbing than what is seen with our plain sight, but here he applied it both; the great atmosphere, great characters, and an overall impressive experience.

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The Shallows (2016)

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The film is a survival thriller American movie by director Jaume Collet-Serra, with writer Anthony Jaswinski. The movie is about a surfer that became stranded in the 200 yards from the shore, and must apply her wits and the determination to endure the attack of a great white shark.

The Cast Lists:

Blake Lively played as Nancy Adams

Janelle Bailey played as Mrs. Adams

Diego Espejel played as the drank guy

Brett Cullen played as Mr. Adams

Pablo Calva played as Miguel, son of Carlos

Óscar Jaenada played as Carlos

Sedona Legge played as Chloe Adams

The Story Line:


After the deceased by her mother, Nancy Adams, the medical student travels to Mexico in a secluded beach. It is the same beach where her mother stayed while she was still pregnant with Nancy. Carlos, the friendly local resident, offered her a ride and brings her off the beach. Nancy joined the three surfers and the two other locals for several hours. While taking a time off from surfing, Nancy then had a video-chat with her sibling Chloe. When Nancy talked to her father in a strained and an emotional conversation, it is bare to them that her mother’s passing away was Nancy’s reason to consider dropping off from the medical school.


Nancy witnessed a cadaver from a big humpback whale close by, while she was on her last surfing for that day. When she rides with the last wave going back to the beach, the biggest great white shark strikes to her off the surfboard and then bites her leg. Nancy scale up to the whale cadaver, but the shark, then rams it from the underneath, and this forced her to swim in the near isolated rock. She applies her surfboard strap to slow down her bleeding leg. Later she applied her jewelries to place rudimentary stitches in the place that can hold together her torn flesh. Nancy was left alone when those uninformed locals left the beach, and she spends alone all night over the rock with the wounded seagull, and there she gave the whale a name Steven Seagull. The following morning, the local guy at the beach who is drank steals all the belongings of Nancy. While he was wading out of shallow water to take the surfboard of Nancy, he was murdered by the shark. After several hours, the two locals that surfed with Nancy the other day has returned. They already get in the water and Nancy was late to warn them to be away from the water and they were also killed by the white shark.

The Writers’ View:

At first, you will not be aware about what to expect from this film since it became so hard to take seriously some movie sharks. The Shallows however, is the best shark film for me ever since the Jaws and honestly speaking, it is the best image feature in ages!

In only 85 minutes, the film gives their most and provided a tension, stress, gripping, inducing film that will continue keep you from the edge of where you are seated. Blake Lively here is definitely on her way to the stardom, as she carried the whole movie and was able to perform well without the need to speak, and that is totally insane and hard to do for some that is not so good enough. In this movie, you will surely care about her and you will also want her character here to survive. This film is so smart and the movie director is deserving of all the credits we can give in creating this film as one of the best. Honestly speaking, this movie made it a well done classic in this genre.

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