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The Forest (2016)

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The film is a supernatural horror movie by director Jason Zada with writers Nick Antosca, Ben Ketai, and Sarah Cornwell. The movie is about a young lady that travels to the suicide forest of Aokigahara to search find her sister. Although, the movie gained negative critics, it still became a box office success that grossed higher from the reported budget.

The Cast Lists:

Natalie Dormer played as Jess Price and Sara

Taylor Kinney played as Aiden

Eoin Macken played as Rob

Noriko Sakura played as Mayumi

Yukiyoshi Ozawa played as Michi

James Owen played as Peter

Rina Takasaki played as Hoshiko

Stephanie Vogt played as Valerie

Yûho Yamashita played as Sakura

The Story Line:


The mainstream of the tales is around the Forest of Aokigahara, it is a forest in the Mount Fuji in Japan at the northwest bottom, which is really famous for people that want to commit suicide. The American woman, Sara Price take a phone call coming from a Japanese police and telling her that they supposed her twin sister Jess, who seemed troubled is dead, because she was seen on her way to the Aokigahara forest. In spite of the fear of Rob, she fiancé, she insisted on going to Japan and arrived at the hotel that her sister stayed.

At the hotel, Sara meet-up with Aiden, the reporter. They mutually drink, and she told him about her parents’ passing away because of driving drunk and got into an accident, which her sister saw, but she did not. Aiden invited her to go into the forest together with Michi, a park guide, and him so she can search for her sister. When the three goes in the Aokigahara, Michi told Sara that Jess also has most likely slay herself. Sara rejects to believe this; clearing how being her twin she can sense that Jess is not dead. Deep in the forests, the crowd locates the yellow tent that Sara identifies as Jess’s. When the evening is nearly approaching, Michi suggested that they must leave a memo for Jess and then leave. Sara rejected the idea, and Aiden volunteered on staying with her throughout the night.


That evening, Sara perceived some rustling in the greenery, and considering that it can be Jess, hurried into the forests after her. Sara locates Hoshiko, the Japanese girl, who claimed that she know Jess. Hoshiko warned Sara not to fully trust Aiden and run away at the echo of his voice. Sara tries to run after her, but fell down and loses her. The following day, Sara and Aiden became lost and started to walk in the woods. When they are walking, Sara’s doubts were rising and demanded Aiden to hand back her his phone and will look for a photo of Jess on the phone. Aiden rejected any concerns with Jess, but Sara goes into the woods alone. While moving she started to perceive voices that told her to turn her back. She seemed to be unfazed with this until she overhears the voice straight behind her. She turned around to witness a hang remains, and goes on running away. She fell into the underground cave and went on unconscious, later she woke up and find out that she is inside the cave together with Hoshiko, who happened to be Yūrei. Hoshiko then happens to what seemed to be a “devil figure”. Sara then rushes in the opposite way to what seems to be Aiden. Aiden locates her and assisted her out from the cave, together with some persuasiveness, they go on walking together.

The Writers’ View:

The Forest is a little bit efficient in making atmosphere, particularly during the late evening and early morning scenario when the woods became less a compilation of trees, leaves and branches, and more of the abstract maze. The movie issue is originated in the screenplay, and for the character dealings and the set-up to be at once successful, or at least harmonious, they needed to be developed equally. Originally, the screenwriter trio made this right by providing Sara sufficient time just before she goes to the forest to permit her personality to unlock to get to know by the viewers. We get to be acquainted with and her sister’s background after she encountered Aiden and the audience takes a hold with their characters nicely.


The Eyes of My Mother (2016)

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This is a black and white terrifying movie that is all-in-one edited and written by director Nicolas Pesce as his initial direction movie.

The Cast Lists:

Olivia Bond played as the young Francisca

Kika Magalhães played as Francisca

Diana Agostini played as the Mother

Will Brill played as Charlie

Joey Curtis-Green played as Antonio

Flora Diaz played as Lucy

Paul Nazak played as the Father

Clara Wong played as Kimiko

The Story Line:


Francisca lives on a farm with her mother where they raise animals, particularly cows. A trained doctor, Francisca’s mother lectures her how to take out eyeballs from their farm animals, and was taught the fable about Francis of Assisi. Abruptly, Charlie, a salesman through door-to-door, came out and inquires about using her bathroom. Contrary with her opinion, Francisca’s mother allowed him to enter their house. After a resist, Charlie killed the mother and he gets injured, most probably by Francisca’s father, who came home when Charlie was still an attack with her in the bathtub. The father seemed at peace with this happening and chained Charlie at the barn. Her father and Francisca buried her mother in their backyard. Charlie explained the unique thrill of murdering others. Off the cam, Francisca has taken out the vocal cords and the eyes of Charlie’s and placed them in a bag and onscreen, she placed it inside the refrigerator. Francisca clarifies to Charlie that he has not been destroyed because he is the only friend she has and she takes care of him. Eventually she makes him suffer with her mother’s operational gears and this is probably to practice the surgical techniques being taught to her.


After some years, Francisca’s father died also, but she conserved the body. She encountered a Japanese student, Kimiko, in a bar. Francisca and Kimiko go home to Francisca’s house and Kimiko is troubled at Francisca’s demonstration of her mother’s death and the exposure that she also killed her own father. Kimiko attempted to leave, and off screen Francisca killed her, chops his organs, bags them all, and placed them in the refrigerator.

Then, she bathed Charlie that was still locked up in the shed, and it is also presumed that she had sex with Charlie. He was stabbed by Francisca when he attempted to escape. She admitted to him that he was right about killing after killing him. Francisca move on hiking in the forests and catches with a ride to Lucy while going back home. Lucy had her baby son and who Francisca abducted upon reaching their house. Lucy was stabbed by Francisca before admiring her deceased mother and watched over to Lucy’s son and takes her as her own, and she gave the baby a name Antonio. Just like Charlie, Lucy’s vocal cords and eyes were taken out by Francisca on screen through a surgery.

The Writers’ View:

It dares the belief that most movie makers may make dozens of movies throughout their profession, garnering skills the whole time, and never create a movie half as good as this one. Then somebody that just came and new in the industry and tries his very first attempt and then give us a masterpiece. Nicolas Pesce on his directing and writing debut showed the masterful control and true class of his story. Each scene is wonderfully laid out and appearing his own way. The film is a truly work of a master of art and not a novice.

One of the many things you will love in this film is that it never insults their viewers. The first 2/3’s of the movie were so strong that it is almost expected to be down by the concluding third. It seemed that movies struggle be constantly good and even better throughout, but normally ended mucking up at a portion of the story. The modern horror movie tends to rely heavily on jump fright. But this movie makes their final third strongest of all. There is no single jump scares in the movie and yet, it is absolutely scary and memorable of up to 99% of the total horror movies being now.

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