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The movie is a psychological horror film from the screenplay by Efthymis and Lanthimos Filippou with director Yorgos Lanthimos. The story is from the prehistoric Greek play Iphigenia and about the cardiac surgeon that secretly become friends with a teenage boy that has a connection to the past. He presented the boy to the family, who started to fall strangely ill.

The Cast List:

  • Colin Farrell played as Steven Murphy, Kim and Bob’s father and Anna’s husband
  • Nicole Kidman played as Anna Murphy, Kim and Bob’s mother and Steven’s wife
  • Barry Keoghan played as Martin, the teenager that Steven met
  • Sunny Suljic played as Bob Murphy, Kim’s brother and Anna and Steven’s son
  • Raffey Cassidy played as Kim Murphy, Bob’s sister and Anna and Steven’s daughter
  • Alicia Silverstone played as Martin’s mother
  • Bill Camp played as Matthew, the anesthesiologist

The Story Line:


Steven Murphy, the specialist cardiothoracic surgeon, finished an open heart operation, and then goes on to a diner and there he met the teenager boy known as Martin. The accurate nature of their connection was unexplained. Afterward, Steven returned to their house to Anna, his wife, and with Kim and Bob, the kids. The following day, Steven revealed his bond with Martin, claiming that he is Kim’s schoolmate, when Martin suddenly came to talk with Steven at a hospital. Later, Steven privately told Anna that the father of Martin, died from a car incident ten years ago, and that he takes the interest with this boy in assisting him grieve. Through the suggestion of Steven, Martin came to the Murphy family for dinner and Kim seemed mainly taken with him.


Martin returned them the favor by requesting Steven to come to his mother’s home and have dinner. Right after the meal, he tries to leave, and Martin insisted for him to stay and watched a movie with the family. Martin left them through halfway of the movie, and his mother creates the sexual proceeds with Steven, who rapidly rebuffs her and then goes home. Within the following days, Martin’s demanded Steven’s more time and it grows frequently and desperately, but Steven did not reply. Just one sunrise when Bob was awakened and discovered that cannot feel the legs, he became paralyzed. Anna and Steven rushed him to the hospice, and wherein the full neurological tests revealed that nothing is totally wrong with him. Although he briefly recovered, Bob was still unable to walk. Although the elder Murphys lean to Bob, Martin meets Kim for a date.

The Writers View:

The movie has a full brilliant metaphors, and if you are aware of the Greek mythology with its history to comprehend most of it. The movie is not a comedy or a horror film. It is a thriller drama with strong religious traces. It is the mixture between that Binding of Isaac with a story of Job. In whatever mystic being is accountable for grueling the two kids have that moral lesson that is well described like that “eye for an eye”. This is something that humanity would have conquered in the coming 2000 years. The picture ends with a completed happy finale, where a father will simply kill a member of their family. This really works in the implications that a punishment stops.

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Cult of Chucky (2017)

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The movie is a horror film directed and written by Don Mancini and he has been the director ever since the Seed of Chucky. This is the seventh chapter of the movie franchise which followed the movie Curse of Chucky in 2013.

The Cast List:

Fiona Dourif played as Nica Pierce

Brad Dourif played as Chucky’s voice

Christine Elise played as Kyle

Grace Lynn Kung played as Claire

Adam Hurtig played as Multiple Malcolm

Summer Howell played as Alice Pierce

Elisabeth Rosen played as Madeleine

Jennifer Tilly played as Tiffany Valentine

Ali Tataryn played as Nurse Ashley

Michael Therriault played as Dr. Thaddeus Foley

Marina Stephenson Kerr played as Angela

Zak Santiago played as Nurse Carlos

Alex Vincent played as Andy Barclay

The Story Line:


After the events of the Curse of Chucky four years ago, the adult Andy Barclay was exposed to have the first ever Chucky’s head, wherein it is still conscious and misshaped right after being continuously pained by Andy in revenge for his crimes. Pierce has applied the past 4 years inside the mental camp after being entrapped by Chucky for killing her family. After some intense therapy, she believes that she was the one responsible for the killings and Chucky was only a manifestation of the psychosis. As an outcome of the breakthrough, Dr. Foley, her doctor, has transferred her to the standard security facility only of the Harrogate Psychiatric Hospital.

Cult-of-chucky-2017-2 (1)

Nica became part of the normal crowd therapy session that have Malcolm, the man having multiple identity crisis; Angela, the old woman that believes she is already dead; Claire, the woman that burned her own house down; and lastly Madeleine, the patient that smothered her baby son to death. The doctor, Foley presented some and new therapy technique that involved the Good Guy stuff doll in the group. Most of their patients were unsettled with the doll, but not for Madeleine, that treated it as her own baby.

The Writers View:

Just the same with the other Chucky movies, Brad Dourif is absolutely delighted for the voice of that killer doll. It felt that events has transpired in the film help in showing how passionate Mr. Dourif still has for voicing the same character and the choices he has been a voice actor. Nica as a returning character has some very interesting personality development to the entire movie whilst that comes up to terms with the actions in the Curse of Chucky as well as facing Chucky again. Unlike most of the sequels that seemed to throw the continuity out, the movie did a great job with the throwing back to its former entries with a franchise in the subtle. Also, the practical effects and the sum of gore being used was really admirable.

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Alien: Covenant (2017)

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The movie is a horror fiction film by director Ridley Scott and his third Alien movie, with the writers Dante Harper and John Logan from the story by Jack Paglen and Michael Green. The movie is the sequel to the 2012 Prometheus and the second sequel of the Alien prequel sequences, while it is the sixth overall sequel of the Alien movie series.

The Cast List:

Michael Fassbender played as the David 8 and the Walter 1, who are artificial androids. David is the earlier created android, while Walter is the latest model.

Katherine Waterston played as Daniels, a chief of the terraforming for a Covenant mission.

Billy Crudup played as Chris Oram, a Covenant’s primary mate and the husband of Karine.

Danny McBride played as Tennessee Faris, a head pilot of a Covenant and the husband of Maggie.

Demián Bichir played as Carl Lope, a leader of a security unit on board the Covenant, the husband of Sgt. Hallett.

Carmen Ejogo played as Karine Oram, a Covenant’s biologist and the wife of Chris.

Amy Seimetz played as Maggie Faris, a lander’s pilot and the wife of Tennessee.

Callie Hernandez played as Upworth, the Covenant’s communication official and wife of Rick.

Jussie Smollett played as Ricks, Upworth’s husband and the Covenant’s navigator.

Nathaniel Dean played as Hallett, Lope’s husband and an affiliate of the safety unit.

Tess Haubrich played as Sarah Rosenthal, the member of the safety unit.

Alexander England played as Ankor, the member of the safety unit.

Benjamin Rigby played as Ledward, the member of the safety unit.

Uli Latukefu played as Cole, the member of the safety unit.

James Franco played as Jacob Branson, husband of Daniels and the first Capt. of the Covenant.

Guy Pearce played as Peter Weyland, the CEO of the Weyland Corporation and the trillionaire founder.

Noomi Rapace played as the archaeologist Doctor Elizabeth Shaw.

Andrew Crawford played as neomorph

Lorelei King played the voice of the Mother, the Covenant’s computer.

Goran Kleut played mutually as neomorph and xenomorph.

The Story Line:


In the prologue, Peter Weyland, the business magnate talks with his present activated android, someone that selected the name of “David” after witnessing the imitation of Michelangelo’s figure of David. Weyland told David that there is a day that they will look for mankind’s creation together. David then commented on his personal unlimited lifespan when compared to the creator’s limited one.


In year 2104, after 11 years, the expedition of Prometheus, the ship Covenant colonization is bounded for Origae-6, the remote planet, with 15 crews, 2 thousand migrants in stasis, and about 1,140 human embryos on board. The ship was monitored by the Walter, the present model android that physically looks like David. The stellar burst breaks the ship, and kills 47 colonists. Walter ordered the ship’s computer in waking the crews, which included some of the married couples. Jake Branson, the ship’s captain was burnt alive when the stasis pod malfunctioned. During the repair of the ship, the crews pick-up the radio transmission coming from the habitable nearby planet. Contrary with the doubts of Daniels, the present captain, Oram, settles on investigating.

The Writers View:

In this movie, there were no suspense and no horror. An enduring stained on the contract that will make you feel grimy after watching it. There are no much expectations in this film. There was a less knowledge about it rather than being a sequel of the Prometheus. The movie did not have even a single redeeming scene. The plot is rambling and quite frankly with a total mess. Sadly, the editing was horrendous, and the scores totally forget the cinematography that went weirdly terrible.

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1922 (2017)

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This movie is a horror drama film directed and written by Zak Hilditch, from Stephen King’s novel of similar title.

 The Cast List:

Thomas Jane played as Wilfred James

Brian d’Arcy James played as Sheriff Jones

Kaitlyn Bernard played as Shannon Cotterie

Neal McDonough played as Harlan Cotterie

Dylan Schmid played as Henry James

Molly Parker played as Arlette James

The Story Line:


Wilfred James or “Wilf” goes to the city hotel to write his affirmation of the crime he performed in 1922.

In 1922, James was a farmer that lives in Hemingford Home in Nebraska together with Arlette, his wife, and Henry their 14 years old son. Arlette and Wilf were in a fight about selling or not the land they just inherited. However, Arlette wanted to vend up totally to use the money for opening a dress shop that is in Omaha. The couple discussed their divorce, and Arlette was resolute that Henry should be coming with her also. Wilf settles on convincing his son in assisting him to kill Arlette to shun him from being away, embracing the love interest of Henry, Shannon at stake. Henry unwillingly agrees.


James pretended to agree with the sale, soothing Arlette. She settles to celebrate, and became drunk. After bringing her to the bed in an intoxicated stupor, Henry and Wilf killed her, and with intentions of hiding her in a corn field. But, Henry fell down from an ordeal and James settles to throw her remains inside a well. The following day, they also toss the cow to the well, to give an aim for filling inside the well. But, Sheriff Jones had the suspicions following a disappearance. He questioned Wilf regarding Arlette, and with Wilf saying that she goes by herself.

Henry became isolated, causing the girlfriend Shannon to develop concerned. He started to resent the killing. Later, Shannon is exposed to be pregnant. Shannon was sent to the religious organization until this baby is born alive and be given away. But, however, runs away together with Shannon, sending Wilf alone.

The Writers View:

Based on the novel of Stephen King’s of similar title, 1922 is just like Stephen King’s personal edition of Allen Poe’s eternal classic stories that set around Wilfred James, the Nebraska farmer with the bitter wife known as Arlette and the loyal son known as Henry. The hardworking but not that successful farmer discovers himself with increasing pressure from the wife when she visibly begins to express her aggravations living in the state and wanted to find her all of that 100 acres land that she take inheritable and transferred to the huge city. The movie is beautifully done, with an effective slow-burn horror and drama and the unrecognizable Thomas Jane gave his best performances here in his entire career. He is deeply sincere and really a committed performance was given in this movie. The movie is one of the best and deserves some recognition.

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