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The movie is an Irish-British psychological thriller, horror movie by director Billy O’Brien from the 2009 novel of the same title by Dan Wells.

I Am Not a Serial Killer

The Cast Lists

Raymond Branstrom played as Max Bowen, the friend

Christina Baldwin played as Aunt Margaret

Laura Fraser played as April Cleaver, the mother

Dee Noah played as Kay Crowley, the wife

Karl Geary played being Dr. Grant Neblin, the therapist

Jim Gaulke played as Principal Layton

Christopher Lloyd played as Bill Crowley, the husband

Lucy Lawton played as Brooke, the classmate

Michael Paul Levin played as Roger Bowen, the father of Max

Tim Russell played as Greg Olson, a barber

Max Records played being John Wayne Cleaver, the sociopath son

The Story Line

John Wayne Cleaver is a teenager from the small Midwestern town, who had been suffering from homicidal impulses and diagnosed as having sociopath tendencies. These are worsened by working at April’s funeral home of his mother. He organizes his urges with mental stopgaps, rules, and talking to Grant, his therapist. Near the latest murder victim’s corpse, John saw a puddle of dark oil. After the identical murder, speak of the serial murderer piques John’s interest. During the trick or treat outside with buddy Max, John spotted a drifter lurking outer his buddy’s neighbor’s house, Bill Crowley. During the Halloween dance of their high-school batch, John scared off the bully by frightening of killing him.

After talking this with Grant, J. Wayne saw the drifter joined Crowley on the ice fishing trip, then, John followed them. As a drifter is roughly to attack Crowley, he suddenly killed the man just with bare hand that morphs to the branch-like form. Crowley slashed out his lungs and then replaces them with a man’s. John makes a serial killer profile, recording every victim had removed organs. While going after Crowley together with the wife, Kay, during their date night, comes from his mother while Grant is having dinner, offending John. John studied mystic folklore and fairytales, and the policeman connected the present killings to a person missing known as Emmett Openshaw.

Crowley was followed by John to the barber shop personally owned by Greg, the man that dances with Kay the earlier evening because Crowley had been limping. After witnessing Crowley attacking Greg, John rashly sets off a barbershop’s alarm, sketching two police officials who Crowley killed. Afterwards, Crowley doesn’t anymore limp and appeared to be rejuvenated. Just before leaving, Crowley casually answered the phone call coming from Kay. John saw a puddle of dark oil and then realizes that it was the old leg of Crowley, which he exchanged with Greg.

The Writers Viewpoint

As a moviegoer who has been let down by majority titles, this one became our choice. This movie-adaption of Dan Well’s book, that already gained quite a reputation, that is unknown to us. We didn’t bother to look who the cast lists are, or anything further.

Overall, I was surprised how entertaining the movie was. Its pacing was not rushed, nor too slow, but it’s adequate. It was quite simple to follow without convolution in its story and it didn’t feel forced. It was most impressive how the clever slice in humor being thrown out. The cinematography is enjoyable and the clever applications of the sound effects to hold you at the border of your seat. That is why, this movie gives a good rating by ours, because we really enjoyed it and I would not mind watching this movie again and again!


I Am Not a Serial Killer (Bluray/DVD Combo) [Blu-ray]


Morgan 2016

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The movie is an American horror, science fiction film under the direction of Luke Scott as his directorial debut with writer Seth Owen.


The Cast Lists

Jonathan Aris played as David Chance

Crispian Belfrage played as Charles Grimes

Brian Cox played as Jim Bryce

Paul Giamatti played as Doc Alan Shapiro

Boyd Holbrook played as Skip Vronsky

Toby Jones played as Doc Simon Ziegler

Anya Taylor-Joy played as Morgan

Jennifer Jason Leigh played as Doc Kathy Grieff

Rose Leslie played as Doc Amy Menser

Vinette Robinson played as Doc Brenda Finch

Kate Mara played as Lee Weathers

Amybeth McNulty played as Morgan at the age of 10

Chris Sullivan played as Doc Darren Finch

Luke Whoriskey played as Jimmy

Michelle Yeoh played as Doc Lui Cheng

Michael Yare played as Ted Brenner

The Story Line

Lee Weathers works as a risk-management specialist in one genetic-engineering company known as SynSect. She arrived at the rural site hosting the L-9 project, the artificial individual with nanotechnology-impart synthetic DNA called as Morgan. These hybrid biological organisms with the ability for autonomous decision creating and sophisticated touching responses is wittier than humans and quickly matures, talking and win a month and bodily a teenager in spite of being a five year old.

The precise and cold Weathers, she insisted on naming Morgan “it”, is at the spot to appraise the project after the psychologist evaluated Morgan, right after she applied a pen to cut Doc Kathy Grieff in her eye. Over a dinner with the group of eight researchers, Weathers and the project leaders Doc Lui Cheng and Doc Simon Ziegler discussed an event in Helsinki linking Cheng wherein 21 SynSect investigators were murdered in one hour by the crude prototypes.

Lee discovered that Morgan harassed Grieff right after she was forbidden from leaving the room, the glass cell, right after killing the deer impaled on the fallen tree while still outside. These scientists have lifted Morgan from birth right after the two failed attempts, also most considered her to become their child; Grieff defended Morgan to Weathers in spite of her injury, and Doc Amy Menser wanted to start again taking her on trips. The latter swear Morgan to bring her to the nearby lake which she described as wonderful; her behavioral therapist comprehends that Morgan, ins spite her physical appearance, intellects and abilities, emotionally innocent. Although Morgan considered Cheng to become her mother, the researcher is pessimistic regarding the project; she finished the outings because, Weathers was told by Cheng, it is mean to represent Morgan to the world she will not be allowed to come.

The Writers Viewpoint

Sorry to say this, but I believe that I have to say this for the benefit of the film and to have a much better improvements. First, the ending was a bit disappointing and if you do not understand it too, maybe you are like me that is expecting for more. Second, I felt that more connection is needed in between the audience and Morgan. I found her clips as a sweet and warming child. I even feel the sympathy towards her right after she attacked her initial and next victims. However, during its end, I felt that I lacked sympathy in her character, right after she turned out to be more out of the hands.

Morgan [Blu-ray]

Leatherface 2017

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This movie is a horror film under the direction of Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury and with writer Seth Sherwood. This is the eighth movie from the franchise of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (TCM), and this works as the prequel to the Texas Chain Saw Massacre of 1974.

Leatherface Movie

The Cast List

James Bloor played as Ike, the character Ike is one of the mental patients who breaks out from the asylum.

Sam Coleman played as Bud, the hulking mental patient who escaped the institution together with Clarice, Ike and Jackson.

Stephen Dorff played as Hal Hartman, the unhinged Texas Ranger which followed Leatherface together with the whole family for his vengeance for the killing of his daughter.

Vanessa Grasse played as Elizabeth White or Lizzy, the working nurse at the mental institute that was abducted by patients Clarice and Ike.

Finn Jones played as Deputy Sorells, the fellow law enforcement official

Sam Strike played as Jedidiah Sawyer or Jackson, born as Jedidiah Sawyer, one of the 4-inmates that run away from the mental institute, before finally becoming the Leatherface.

Lili Taylor played as Verna Sawyer, the matriarch of Sawyer clan, the bloodline of murderers from where Leatherface was produced.

Chris Adamson played as Doctor Lang Dimo Alexiev

Jessica Madsen played as Clarice, she is one of those escaped inmates Nicole Andrews

Nubbins Sawyer, the matured brother of Leatherface Nathan Cooper

Julian Kostov played as Ted Hardesty Lorina Kamburova played as Hal Hartman’s daughter

The Story Line

At the Sawyer farmhouse, the birthday party was being held by a family matriarch Mrs. Verna Sawyer for their youngest Sawyer family member, Jedidiah. As his birthday gift and to introduce him to the murderous clan rituals, he is offered with the chainsaw and was advised to slaughter the man whom they had been accused of trying to steal from them. Jed refused, visibly disturbed, and their victim is killed instead by Grandpa Sawyer.

During 1955, the couple Ted Hardesty and Betty Hartman is driving down the country street when they saw Jedidiah Sawyer, the apparently wounded. Betty followed him to the dilapidated shelter, where she is killed promptly by the Sawyer family. Sheriff Hartman, her father, is named for the crime setting, where he was shocked to discover his deceased daughter. In spite of Verna’s efforts, Hartman rapidly takes Jedidiah in custody as vengeance, sending him to the mental institution called as Gorman Home Youth Reformery.

The Writers Viewpoint

This movie itself is not really bad. It seems alright and had some OK gore, with decent acting and has some slightly interesting artists. However, as one of the biggest icons in the horror industry, it is not that great!

In fact, right off a bat, the problem with this movie is that when you are making an origin tale of such a popular character, you must be sure that the tales you created in the film is really awesome. Sadly, it’s not visible in this movie, because the opening scenes are not that interesting. What even followed though is not really that bad. They have some sort of story to say here, and it was somewhat enjoying.


Leatherface [Blu-ray]

D-Railed Review
by Chris Hlad

It’s that time of year again.  The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and the calendar is counting down to Halloween.  What better way to get ready for Samhain than a scary movie? 

The answer to that question is nothing.  Nothing sets the mood for the season as well as a good, scary movie, and I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at the latest Dale Fabrigar film / Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions,  “D-Railed.”


Normally, horror movies are color by number affairs and predictable.  That’s okay if the movies are done right.  Sometimes it’s fun (yes, fun) to sit back and watch a brainless teen walk into the woods alone.  Or into that house everybody says to stay away from.  Or have random sex which is always a death sentence.

Sometimes it’s fun to watch a horror movie that challenges the mind.  The one’s that aren’t so, so predictable — which is where I’d categorize this movie.  

Sort of.

Is it possible to see a movie that provokes thought while at the same time being, dare I say, campy, while being fun and scary too? Rare, but yes.  
That’s where I’d put “D-Railed,” an early Halloween treat.

In the first act, we are introduced to a colorful cast of characters who board a Murder Mystery Train, hoping to have a good meal, adult beverages, and a mystery to solve.  

At least that was the plan.

DRailed movie clip

As the cast of the Murder Mystery Train are introduced, and the minds of the passengers are somehow read and made public, something bad happens and the dinner theater body count starts. 

 And it only goes off the rails from there.  Literally.

The tension builds, the remaining cast are left to fend for themselves against a mystery creature with razor-sharp claws, and the real body count rises and…

No spoilers.

I will tell you that the final act is where the questions are raised.  What is right?  What is wrong.  Do we chase death or does death chase us?  That’s up to the cast and ultimately the audience to decide.


This is a movie with brains, blood, and rich characters that makes you question everything you’re watching.  But most importantly, it’s fun! It’s a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that’s why it works. Sure, there may have been a few hiccups during production that caused some minor flaws in the film, but for a movie that was filmed in twelve days between two locations, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, it wasn’t a distraction. During the screening, people jumped, screamed, laughed, and at the end applauded.  And isn’t that what it’s all about?

With its train setting, characters battling each other and a swamp creature, I think this film falls into its own genre.  Agatha Creature, if you will.  (Yes, I am going to copyright this term).


Indulge in this Halloween treat. You won’t be sorry.

Film Title: D-Railed

Synopsis: When a train derails into the river, its surviving passengers are faced with a grim challenge… die in the wreckage or face the unknown that awaits them in the murky waters below.

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