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The First Purge, 2018

The film is an American action horror movie by director Gerard McMurray. This is the fourth installment of the Purge franchise, this movie is the prequel depicting the birth of the early “Purge”.

The Cast Lists

Y’lan Noel played as Dmitri                                          

Nobody played as D

Rotimi Paul played as Skeletor                                   

Lex Scott Davis played as Nya

Christian Robinson played as Capital A                   

Maria Rivera played as Anna

Kristen Solis played as Selina                                      

Siya played as Blaise

Levy Tran played as Roenick                                       

Lauren Vélez played as Luisa

Joivan Wade played as Isaiah                                     

Kevin Carrigan played as General Smiley

Melonie Diaz played as Juani                                      

Steve Harris played as Freddy

Chyna Layne played as Elsa                                         

Mugga played as Dolores

Mo McRae played as 7 and 7

Patch Darragh played as Arlo Sabian or the Chief of Staff

Cindy Robinson being the Purge Announcement Voice

Marisa Tomei played as Dr. May Updale or The Architect

The Story Line

One crazed drug addict known as Skeletor discussed his dark thoughts, with the longing to “purge” and to unleash his hatred to some other people. The psychologist told Skeletor that he will very soon.

In the alternate 2014, the administration had been overthrown by New Founding Father of America or the NFFA. The Chief of staff Arlo Sabian of the NFFA with the behavioral scientist doctor, May Updale, Ph.D. announce an experimentation to happen on Staten Island wherein for 12 hours, the citizens will be permitted to purge and discharge their hang up in any means they choose, like murder. The NFFA gave the residents $5,000 to wait during the research. They also outfitted the partakers with the contact lens camera so that they will monitor all activities and put the tracking machines on them so that they can know if they attempt to try to leave that island.

The drug lord Dmitri told the dealers that they cannot leave the island since it may draw that much attention, moving larger amounts of products and money. Dmitri told to his armies that they will remain in that safe house and will lay low. The dealer Capital A settles to defy the order and to go out and then purge, while the dealer Isaiah has been attacked and cut back by Skeletor. Isaiah went to Nya, his sister, Dimitri’s ex-girlfriend and an anti-Purge advocate for the treatment.

The Writers View

The movie’s expectations of their viewers are that it is going to be impeccably low, but, apparently, they were really not that low. Don’t go into the movie anticipating a detailed back story from the start of the purge. But rather, expect a very little glimpse of the start, that has been followed by simply one more purge movie and that will be worse.

The only good thing about the movie is that, this movie is much better when compared with the other worse Hollywood movies. Need you to name me some of the movies? Well, I can’t, but let me just give you a hint about movies that will not be worth of your time and money. If you feel about not wanting to see the movie, then, trust your instincts, it will not fail you and lastly, when you heard people talked something that is not good about the movie, listen to them, it might help… I’m telling you now, and I’m ashamed that I did not listen to them myself and now I’m wondering why did I watched this movie.

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