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Annabelle Comes Home, 2019

The film is an American supernatural horror movie by director Gary Dauberman as his directorial debut. This film is a sequel to the Annabelle of 2014 and 2017.

The Cast Lists

Mckenna Grace played as Judy Warren                  

Madison Iseman played as Mary Ellen

Sade Katarina played as Camilla                                

Douglas Tait played as Black Shuck

Luca Luhan played as Anthony Rios                         

Samara Lee played as “Bee” Annabelle Mullins

Katie Sarife played as Daniela Rios                           

Natalia Safran played as The Bride

Patrick Wilson played as Ed Warren                        

Alison White played as Mrs. Faley

Anthony Wemmys played as Mr. Rios                     

Alexander Ward played as The Ram/Annabelle’s Demon

Stephen Blackehart played as Thomas                   

Michael Cimino played as Bob Palmeri

Steve Coulter played as Father Gordon                  

Kenzie Caplan played as Debbie

Paul Dean played as Mr. Palmeri                               

Vera Farmiga played as Lorraine Warren

Gary-7 played as late Priest Spirit/Father Michael Morrisey

The Story Line

Lorraine Warren and demonologists Ed confiscated that Annabelle doll from the nurses Camilla and Debbie, who claimed that the doll usually performed violent actions in their apartment. While they are driving back home, this doll summons spirits that will attack Ed, but Ed narrowly survived. Annabelle has been locked in the sacred glass case within the artifacts room of the couple that has been blessed by the priest, Father Gordon to make sure that the evil is held.

Sometime later, these Warrens greet Mary Ellen, who may be responsible for taking care of Judy, their daughter, in their house while the two travel overnight to look into another case. At the school, Judy discerns the spirit of the priest that starts following her. Daniela, Mary Ellen’s friend arrived uninvited to the home of Warrens, who has been secretly curious regarding speaking to the deceased people. She slips into the room of the artifact and begins examining them, finally attempting to contact her deceased father. She suddenly leaves the glass case of Annabelle unlocked, and the fright starts shortly afterwards with the soul of Bee Mullins sets free. That evening, Annabelle starts releasing other spirits, like the Ferryman, the Feeley Meeley board game, the Black Shuck and the Bride.

Bob Palmeri the crush of Mary Ellen arrives outside and then serenades her, but has been later attacked by a Black Shuck and veils in the backyard of Warrens. Mary Ellen has been tormented by a Ferryman, while Judy has been confronted by this Annabelle inside her bedroom. Daniela left earlier, but then sneaks back to give back the keys of the artifacts room. She gets locked in the room and had been under attack by different objects, such as the piano and the old television that may predict the forthcoming. She locates the Mourner’s Bracelet then saw her father twisted to a malevolent soul. The screaming and bloody Daniela appears on a TV screen right after having answered the cursed telephone. The actual Daniela later unwittingly reached to react to the telephone, but has been interrupted by Mary Ellen and Judy.

The Writers View

The movie is not original and the plot is just almost nonexistent. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are not part of the key story and the scares were all similar, everything is in the similar abode, the comedy is already predicted. I guess the casts acting was not really that bad and after viewing it, you may say that initially, it is PG (12+) rating due to the lacking of gore or the real horror happening, however, it is actually being R (16+) rated for some reasons. Also, this Annabelle doll is not that scary, they should have come up with a bit of horror upgrade.

For those people that are not fans of horror movies, this movie is already scary, but also if you don’t care about the genre that much. But the pace of this movie was a bit slow during those moments it headed to those jump scares that have been also very mediocre. It is also expected for the casts in this movie to become genuinely traumatized right after such an occurrence, but, they were all happy as if there is nothing really happened.

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