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The Curse of La Llorona, 2019

The film is an American supernatural and movie of director Michael Chaves as his directorial debut movie, with the writer Tobias Iaconis and Mikki Daughtry, and the movie is also called as Curse of a Weeping Woman in most of the markets. It is based on a Latin American folklore about of La Llorona, who follows a mother in Los Angeles in 1973 who must rescue her children from the malevolent spirit who had been attempting to steal them.

The Cast Lists

Linda Cardellini played as Anna Tate-Garcia                         

Roman Christou played as Chris Garcia

Raymond Cruz played as Rafael Olvera                                   

Jethan Camarena played as Simon

Jaynee-Lynne Kinchen played as Samantha Garcia            

Irene Keng played as Donna

Aiden Lewandowski played as Tomas                                     

Madeleine McGraw played as April

Marisol Ramirez played as La Llorona                                     

DeLaRosa Rivera played as David Garcia

Don Roberson played as the wealthy Man                            

Fontana Sim played as Carol

Sophia Santi played as Bocanegra, the female customer

Scarlett Black played as Millie

Sean Patrick Thomas played as Detective Cooper              

Patricia Velásquez played as Patricia Alvarez

Tony Amendola played as Father Perez                                 

Oliver Alexander played as Carlos

The Story Line

In 1673, in Mexico, one family plays in the field, and their youngest son hands his mother a nice necklace. The boy then later discovers his mother violently sinking his brother in the stream. Horrified, he went away, but his mother grabbed him and drowned him, too.

After 300 years, in 1973, in Los Angeles, Anna Tate-Garcia, the caseworker, investigated the truancy of the two children of her client Patricia Alvarez. Arriving at the house of Patricia for the welfare check, she discovers the children being locked behind the door. Patricia attacked her and has been taken away by policemen. Carlos and Tomas, Patricia’s sons, told Anna to have them inside the room, so they’re protected. Disregarding the warnings, she took them to the shelter of the child-services. There, Tomas sleepwalks, then, Carlos followed him until both of the boys saw the white lady who attacked them.

Then, the boys have been found drowned in the river, and Anna has been called out into the scene. Anna brings her own kids, Sam and Chris and they stayed inside the car while Anna investigated. Anna heard Patricia indict of her sons’ killings, screaming that it has been Anna’s fault for seizing her sons and also that Patricia had attempted to stop the wicked force of the “La Llorona.”

The Writers View

This legend of the La Llorona is one very interesting story which had the potential to become one best movie. Unfortunately, it suffered from flashing the ogre too much.

The plan was not bad at all. But, it would have been more appealing if they showed they’re more about how a legend started, and that they have the best idea to go through it. What did not really work for this film was showing the La Llorona numerous times, to that extent that she was not scary anymore. What is being always creepy in the movies is the thought that they are not being seen until near the very end, and that they have the perfect scene to flash her, however, it has been too late by then.

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