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The Lodge, 2019

The psychological horror movie of director Veronika Franz with Severin Fiala had been written by Franz, Sergio Casci, and Fiala. The plot follows the soon-to-be stepmom who, together with the two children of her fiancé became stranded in the rural lodge on Christmas time. There, she with the kids experience some unexplained events that appear to be linked with her past in the suicidal cult.

Cast Lists

Riley Keough appeared as Grace Marshall             

Daniel Keough appeared as Aaron Marshall

Jaeden Martell appeared as Aidan Hall                   

Lia McHugh appeared as Mia Hall

Lola Reid appeared as Young Grace                         

Alicia Silverstone appeared as Laura Hall

Richard Armitage appeared as Richard Hall          

Wally appeared as the Grady the dog


Laura Hall is separated from Richard, her husband, who committed suicide after Richard informed her that he plans on marrying Grace Marshall, the lady that he met while having the research about the book of a rebel Christian cult. Raised within the cult, Grace had been the only survivor of the mass suicide, headed by her father. The death of Laura devastates her and the children of Richard, the young Mia and the teenage Aidan.

After 6 months, Richard announces that are planning to spend their Christmas with Grace in the remote Massachusetts lodge of the family to have the chance to know everyone. Mia and Aidan uncover Grace’s past, with the cult’s video footage, showing the departed followers draped in the purple silk with the duct tape in crosswise and their mouths read “sin.” While at the lodge, those children acted hostile toward Grace, then refuse efforts to link with her, still after Richard departed back to the town for the work obligation. The uneasiness of Grace is compounded from the abundance of the Catholic iconography within the cabin that caused her to also have the nightmares with regards to her father. Right after being warned for watching her taking a shower, Aidan prepared Grace her cup of cocoa.

The following morning, Grace awakened to find out that her belongings with her psychiatric medication, all her clothing, and the pet dog went all missing, and also the Christmas decorations and the food. The generator has gone down, and leaving all the cellular phones dead. Grace suspected that their kids had hoax her, but locates their belongings to be missing too. She noticed the clocks have far more long to January 9. Then Aidan told Grace that he dreamt that the gas heater went wrong and they get all suffocated, and expressed fear that they can be in their afterlife. Over the following days, Grace – surrendering to anxiety, hunger, cold, medication withdrawal, and begins sleepwalking, and has been tormented by disturbing dreams and visions, including the recurrent voices of her father giving sermons. She attempted to stroll to the closest town, locating the cross-shaped cabin wherein there she saw her father gesturing to her.

Writer’s Notion

The movie does have sufficient pretentious cinematography in making some people thought it is. This being said is for those cinematography fanatics, however, not as the whole substance. It has that extensive drawn out shot of the darkened, empty hallway and also the window while somebody else frantically plucks of the silent violin and the radio-filtered whispering are neither groundbreaking nor really original. It is not comfortable, so overdo it, for it will elicit the emotional reactions that some people are mistaken for the reason of good writing.

It is not surprising to read negative reviews. The movie starts well and sets up their story really well, but then falls flat, really hard that it appears like taking your popcorn out from the oven the moment you see one corn pops. There are good movies and there are bad, and there are also convincing films that belonged to the self-pitying, boring claptrap.

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