Hatching, 2022

Hatching is a Finnish psychological body of horror movie under the direction of Hanna Bergholm with the writer Ilja Rautsi. The movie centers on Tinja, the young gymnast desperation to please her own mother, the woman who is obsessed of presenting the perfect family image to the entire world by her famous blog.

Table of Contents

Cast Lists

Siiri Solalinna acted as Tinja / Alli

Jonna Aaltonen acted as Alli in Early Stage 1

Sophia Heikkilä acted as Mother

Stella Leppikorpi acted as Gym Friend

Ida Määttänen acted as Reetta

Reino Nordin acted as Tero

Aada Punakivi acted as Gym Friend

Jani Volanen acted as Father

Miroslava Agejeva acted as Baby Helmi

Hertta Karen acted as Alli in Early Stage 2

Saija Lentonen acted as Coach

Oiva Ollila acted as Matias

Hertta Nieminen acted as Gym Friend


Tinja is a 12-year-old who practices gymnastics and this activity imposed over her by her own mother, the former figure skater and turned influencer. Then one day a bird, a crow in particular, flies by the window and wrecked the living room of the family. Tinja captured the crow and set it free, but her mother asked for the crow and snaps its neck. Tinja was sad and disposed of the crow into the trash bin, not noticing that it’s still moving. After that, she meets the new neighbor, Reetta, the girl’s named together with her French Bulldog.

During that evening, Tinja was awakened by cawing. Tinja discovered the grievously-injured bird, the crow inside the woods and place it out of misery through beating it with the use of stone. She noticed the eggs of the crow; feeling guilty of leaving it without the mother, Tinja took the eggs home and incubated it underneath the pillow, and then later it grows big inside the stuffed animal.

In a practice, Tinja struggled, but was encouraged by a coach, who told her that when she improves, she will then be able to participate in the upcoming contest. When Tinja returned home, she saw her mother with an intimate embrace with another man. Her mother introduced him to Tero, and explaining later her actions that appears the need to do a thing for her. Reetta joined Tinja during their next practice, and proved to become very talented. It caused her mother to force Tinja to practice until her hand was bleeding and with blisters. That evening, Tinja pets the eggs with her injured hands.

Writer’s Opinion

This twisted fairy story from Finland hits a ground running with its wonderful opening scene which will really set a tone. It is a perfect family who are all enjoying their perfect moment in a perfect living area of their ideal home. However, the uninvited guest makes the appearance.

Like the Poe-esque harbinger of the doom, the jet black raven jumps in from the open window and then destroyed the idyllic tableau of a domestic bliss. Then things went really strange. The movie is basically a coming-of-the-age story, a bit like ET, and with great performances from the cast as a selfie-stick wielding stand mom with her long anguish daughter, this movie is a really promising debut feature.

The movie is a tragic, painful story of a really sweet child and an exclusive disturbing horror story with excellent work from the casts putting up their flawless performances. It has the potent visuals, shifting for indication of contrast during the stages of the tale. Hatching’s storytelling was really on point and the theme is innovative. But, the progression appeared to be a little too hasty leaving the gaps and rushing to the end. Nonetheless, it is a real gift, a true artistic emotion inducing the story on childhood that has a healthy dose of shocks.

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