The Twin, (2022)

This film of director Taneli Mustonen is a psychological horror movie. The original screenplay was written by Aleksi Hyvärinen and Taneli Mustonen himself. The movie tells the story of a mother, who needs to confront the horrendous reality about her surviving duo or twin son.

Table of Contents

Cast Lists

Teresa Palmer acted as Rachel

Steven Cree acted as Anthony

Barbara Marten acted as Helen

Tristan Ruggeri acted as Elliot and Nathan

Andres Dvinjaninov acted as Town Doctor


Rachel, Anthony, her husband and Elliot, their son, have transferred to Finland from NYC in order to transact with the grief when they lose Nathan the twin brother of Elliot from a vehicle accident. During the excursion Elliot discovered the wall purported that will grant wishes and will make the secret wish. Shortly after, he starts talking to the invisible individual. Rachel attended the welcome get together held by those townspeople where she encounters Helen and the town doctor, and Helen cryptic references the wish of Elliot.

Elliot starts to exhibit increasingly alarming behaviors, including his claims that he’s Nathan. The attempt of Rachel to go to the city doctor to cure Elliot ended with him persisting that she’s sick and needed therapy. Anxious for the answers Rachel reached out to Helen, and Helen told her that the city is part of the satanic cult. Helen remarked that the deceased husband had been possessed by the devil entity that appeared in photographs. At their house, Rachel took photos of Elliot and takes them to the city to get developed. Then she and Elliot takes the séance of sorts which has been interrupted by Anthony and the townspeople, who informed her that they wanted to use Elliot to be a part of the ritual.

The next day Rachel retrieved the photos and was terrified when Elliot does not appear in any of those photos. Rachel took them to Helen, and told her that it is the evil taunting her. She convinced Rachel to bring her to her son Elliot, so that she can try saving him, but upon seeing the boy, Helen instead told Rachel that she’s sick. These two women are being bordered by the townspeople. Then Rachel was sedated and was forced to partake in the satanic ritual, after that she was sedated again. When Rachel was awakened, she was locked in her room, but handles to escape after that she heard Elliot calls for help.

Writer’s Opinion

The atmosphere was nice. The grieving mother was pretty good, but the story made up to the massive let down. The movie could have skipped the entire Helen crazy woman’s tale. This kind of is a type that the ending is not being taken care so well. It will show with how the characters portray their acting. The movie is a very familiar move because of the overused theme, grief! If the movie makers can somehow get about that…then, it may possibly an enjoyable one.

It is beautifully filmed although weird in some sense, and the acting had been quiet solid. It is atmospheric and not particularly frightening. It is not a fast pace film, and none noticeable filler. It is still recommended to watch for some reason. It can be paired with movies that have contrast and comparison.

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