Bones and All, 2022

The film is a romantic horror movie under the direction of Luca Guadagnino from the screenplay of David Kajganich, from the novel Bones and All of 2015 by Camille DeAngelis. The movie is set during the late 1980s. It is a pair of the young cannibals that flee together on the road tour across the US and develop their feelings for both of them.

Cast Lists

Taylor Russell acted as Maren Yearly

Michael Stuhlbarg acted as Jake, the cannibal

Timothée Chalamet acted as Lee

Kendle Coffey acted as Sherry

André Holland acted as Frank Yearly, father of Maren

Jake Horowitz acted as Lance, the carnival worker that Lee picks up

Jessica Harper acted as Barbara Kerns, grandmother of Maren

Mark Rylance acted as Sully

Chloë Sevigny acted as Janelle Kerns, mother of Maren

Anna Cobb acted as Kayla, sister of Lee

David Gordon Green acted as Brad, the cannibal


Maren Yearly is the teen girl that stays in Maryland under the custody of Frank, her father. Having displayed cannibalistic movement ever since she killed her babysitter during her babyhood, Maren evaded the cost of her following episodes through the years and thanks to the cover-ups of Frank, with the duo usually relocating, even when he grew increasingly tortured over the apparent lack of penitence of his daughter. He abandoned her shortly after she turned eighteen, leaving behind with her birth certificate, some cash, and his message on the cassette tape, where he said he hopes that someday, she will learn to overcome those urges.

Maren decided to go to Minnesota, listed are the birthplace of Janelle, her mother, who left their family when she was still a baby. She was approached at the bus station by Sully, the eccentric man, who introduces himself being a fellow “eater” that told her that their type can be identified by each other through their scent. He leads Maren inside the house owned by the elderly woman that collapsed and is now near death, and then they both feed on the woman’s corpse together the next morning, although Maren was initially reluctant. Sully expressed interest in brining Maren under his wings, but she is scared of him and go out of the house soon right after.

While shoplifting supplies at the Indiana, Maren witnessed the intoxicated customer that is harassing a lady and tried to confront him just before Lee, the young man intervenes, baiting the client to leaving the store. Maren later spotted Lee outside, covered with the blood of the man and the two admitted to having formerly identified the scent of each other. Lee stole the truck of his victim once the pair consumes the evening at the vacated house of the man, offering help to Maren to look for her mother. They get on the cross-country road, during which then they fell in love. After the brief stay in the hometown of Lee in Kentucky, Maren noticed his unwillingness to talk some aspects of his past, like the absence of his father and the cause why Lee avoided being spotted in the city. Kayla, the younger sister, who is not aware of his real nature, chastises him to his sudden departure and then not announced the returns.

Writer’s Opinion

Two birds with the common appetite that lives in the shadows of a curse that they are trying to fight, battling to give in to the temptations that spellbind, the addiction of the brain that leaves them restricted and confined; finding the others with dependencies distilled and more practiced, whose lives have a bit meaning, unfulfilled and all alone, exposed and helpless by the hand they have all been played, a promised life and the expectations, all betrayed and diminished.

There are some great performances and all eclipsed by T. Russell, who’s outstanding as the clashed Maren fighting to come to periods with whom she is and what can be done and not do about it.

The movie is an intense, uplifting and heartbreaking tale that is for sure to leave you with an impact. It is a must-watch for anybody that enjoys romance and horror, or simply needed a reminder about a power of love. But be warned – the movie has many gore and lots of blood, so it is not for those with weak hearts.

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