Glorious, 2022

It is an American comedy horror movie of director Rebekah McKendry. This movie involved the heartbroken man that encounters an odd, all-knowing unit in the rest stop bathroom booth.

Cast Lists

Ryan Kwanten acted as Wes, the man distraught through the end of the relationship with a lover

J. K. Simmons acted as Ghatanothoa voice, a primordial demigod made by the godly father to devastate the universe

Katie Bacque acted as The Bear

Sylvia Grace Crim acted as Brenda, girlfriend of Wes

Sarah Clark acted as Blonde Woman in a Party Tordy Clark acted as Sharon, the trucker

Andre’ Lamar acted as Gary C, a worker at a rest stop


Wes was distraught over his split with Brenda, his ex, stops his car at the roadside rest stop. During that evening, he gets total blackout drunk and then burnt out all his possessions, the box of photos and his pants. The following morning, he stumbled into the empty comfort room to vomit. The guy next to him at the stall starts up the conversation and revealed his identity as Ghatanothoa. As a conversation becomes tight, Wes realized the door is being sealed shut. Ghatanothoa explained that it’s a demigod made by his ancient god father who created the universe by accident, including humanity. Doubtful, Wes attempted to peek by the glory hole of the stall and over the door of the stall to see it, although Ghatanothoa’s warning him not to, as glancing its true form may possibly destroy Wes. Exerting the power, Ghatanothoa punished Wes through giving him the visions of Brenda. But Wes attempted to escape from the air vent and then sees himself back in the restroom.

Ghatanothoa explained that its father made Ghatanothoa as the tool to devastate humanity. But, Ghatanothoa’s older siblings preserved their father away while stopping him. But today, the god is now free and Ghatanothoa, and has developed a fondness for humanity, has hidden itself away from the father to shun from being used to destroy the universe. Ghatanothoa told Wes that in turn to permanently veil it, it must transcend to the ethereal plane, and it can only do this if the physical form will be “satisfied” by the mortal, that should do by a glory hole. While bodily, Ghatanothoa’s powers are being weakened, further exposing the place to its father. Then Ghatanothoa is apologetic about what should be done and pleaded with Wes to assist it, arguing that humankind is precious. Wes countered with his experience from his own abusive father and also how he never senses anything for anybody, except for Brenda.

The maintenance worker arrived and Wes cries for help, Ghatanothoa warned him that it will end badly. This man also was trapped in the comfort room, and to avoid him from telling anybody about this, Ghatanothoa exploded him into body parts and blood scattered. Wes used his dismembered leg in trying to bash down a door, but finally gives up. Wes inserted his penis in the glory hole, and only to be shocked for Ghatanothoa, clarifying that “satisfaction” will mean giving a piece of his liver, and then passes him the shard of the broken glass that cause again the back off of Wes.

Writer’s Opinion

It is an original film. The concept is really interesting and there are twists and surprises that you will not see coming. Kwanten’s acting has been weird and wacky, but it is also an insane and weird movie at the same and he did what needed to do in a character like “Wes”. It is not a real comedy-horror film even though there are lots of funny scenes and lines. The comedy element is adorable and, generally, the movie will keep your interest.

But, it’s flawed. And just because it is original, it does not mean that it is brilliant also. There are moments of being bizarre or too weird. In order for the weird movie to become good, directors and writers must handle the subject skillfully and very carefully, or else, the movie will appear like a satire of what they are trying to imagine and achieved. There is the line between creativity and originality and this movie did not cross it, but, it is still not a dumb or bad movie and still makes a bit sense.

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