Master, (2022)

This film is an American psychological horror movie of the writer, director Mariama Diallo as her directorial debut. The movie had their world premiere day at the Sundance Movie Festival.

Cast Lists

Regina Hall acted as Gail Bishop

Zoe Renee acted as Jasmine Moore

Kara Young acted as Sascha

Bruce Altman acted as Brian

Noa Fisher acted as Katie

Amber Gray acted as Liv Beckman

Ella Hunt acted as Cressida

Talia Ryder acted as Amelia

Talia Balsam acted as Diandra

Jennifer Dundas acted as Julianne

Joel de la Fuente acted as Lam


Gail Bishop became the first Black master and the newly-appointed of Ancaster, in New England, an elite university. The students at their school believe it’s a cursed by Margaret Millett’s ghost, who had been accused of witchcraft that hanged nearby. Jasmine moves in as one newbie, and is being assigned to no. 302 along with Amelia, her white roommate. Their space was initially occupied by Louisa Weeks in 1965, first Black undergraduate of Ancaster who committed suicide through hanging herself inside the dorm.

Jasmine firstly makes friends with the rich white friends of Amelia, even though they are asking her to clean the spilled drinks and not pay her back with that pizza she ordered. At the party, Amelia’s crush kissed Jasmine and Amelia saw that. Amelia whispered to Jasmine she hated her despite their roommate telling Gail that everything is fine in between them. The new residence of Gail develops a maggot influx. Jasmine started having nightmares and starts to believe that the English prof. Liv Beckman is intentionally giving her a bad grade. She filed her dispute, which impacted Liv’s application for residency. Jasmine was attacked by the presence from the black cloak that planted the noose on the door, burnt the cross, and caused her to fall from the window. Amelia finally drops out. Jasmine told Gail about that presence, which Gail thought is a racist learner. After a few days, Jasmine is found dead in her sleeping area, hanged.

Liv’s mother is an Amish woman, Esther Bickert, and informed Gail that Liv had been really born white and then named Elizabeth. But right after leaving a community Liv altered her name and started to impart her being a Black. Esther implied it should have been an ownership by a devil to let her make this. When confronted in the faculty party, Liv denied these claims and then told Gail that she had been actually a Black man’s daughter, leaving it to their audience to decide about whatever is the fact. Liv finally leaves, putting on the black cloak that resembled the figure that had been terrorizing Jasmine past in the film.

Writer’s Opinion

The movie started out really well until it became boring and slow that you are not going to pay attention anymore. But it has this thing that you will wait for the movie to end and wait for that whole supernatural thing to be solved. However, it did not happen, just all dialogues. The movie sure had a deeper meaning and Hall can do even more than what this movie can give.

Ok it is not that conventional horror movie that lots of viewers are expecting to see, but instead it is more about drama and a bit horror movie. It was intriguing all throughout that will get your attention. It is still a smart and clever show that everything may not be that well as it appears. You can give this movie a chance. It is one creepy horror music, witchcraft references, shadowy figures, with the same style to some other horror movies and you will surely expect something real to actual horror films in the final.

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