Blood, (2022)

This is an American horror movie under the direction of Brad Anderson, and together with the writer Will Honley.

Cast Lists

Michelle Monaghan acted as Jess

June B. Wilde acted as Helen

Skeet Ulrich acted as Patrick

Sarah Constible acted as Dr. Avery

Danika Frederick acted as Shelly

Candice Smith acted as Regina White

Finlay Wojtak-Hissong acted as Owen

Erik Athavale acted as Dr. Forsythe

Jennifer Rose Garcia acted as Candice

Skylar Morgan Jones acted as Tyler


Jess is a nurse and a recovering addict who moves with Tyler, her daughter and Owen, a young son, back into the old farmhouse after she finally regained custody of the kids. Owen and Tyler discovered that the lake nearby them has totally dried up surrounding with a dead tree, black mud littered of animal carcasses and save some thick. Pippen, their family dog, appears to be drawn and simultaneously afraid of the tree. Sometime later, Pippen jogs away to the woods. Several days later, Pippin returns acting destructive towards Owen and also with a flash in its eyes. Then Owen approaches the dog and savagely mauls him, up to the time that Jess kills it. Owen was hurried to the hospital, then, placed in a medically caused coma.

When Owen woke up, he refused to eat and claimed that the food smells bad. When Jess was about to leave him alone, he had seizure, leading the doctors to suspect that he tapered the pathogen from Pippen. After that, Jess discovered that Owen drinking blood straight from the IV bag; she hurriedly took it away from Owen, but was shocked to discover he make that miraculous recovery. Owen later begs his mother to drink more blood, claiming that he needed it. Jess refused, but relented after the condition of Owen takes the turn even worsen. She starts stealing plasma from the hospital and then feed it secretly to Owen.

Owen was eventually discharged to the home care, however, he starts acting strangely. He requested the warm blood, and when the hospital of Jess noticed the stolen plasma, Jess runs out of blood. She attempted to satiate the hunger of Owen with an animal blood, but discovers that only the blood of human will treat his symptoms. She starts feeding him with her own blood, slowly becoming anemic, that lead to Patrick, Jess’ ex husband, to suspect that she has started her using of drugs again.

Writer’s Opinion

The storyline of the movie has been well written and really did a nice job of establishing a family circumstances and dynamics. The cast has been well selected and also their acting is excellent. All else felt authentic. But, the horror basics are under developed. Their dog attack scene really was not the Cujo caliber sequences. They did a really good job depicting their son’s evolution as the condition gets worse. The shock of this movie was more about dealing with the conditions over kill and actual attacks. The entire condition does feel relatable up to the final scenario, which could have been better however was fairly realistic as well.

“A mother will surely do anything for the benefit of her child.” This is pretty good…And it plays initially more of drama, but then will hit the deep end regarding being halfway through. The vision was almost spelling a story out if you’re giving attention. There’s a mid-credit scenario also to check out that the viewers will like. All in all, the movie was a decent one to watch for the thriller fans. And overall, it is a kind of above average addition of the horror genre that can be recommended to watch.

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