Grimcutty, 2022

It is a monster horror movie of the writer, director John Ross. The Twentieth Digital Studio and the Capture produced this movie.

Cast Lists

Sara Wolfkind acted as Asha Chaudhry, Kamran’s older sister, Leah and Amir’s daughter. She is the second victim also of the Grimcutty.

Usman Ally acted as Amir Chaudhry, the father of Kamran and Asha and Leah’s husband.

Kayden Alexander Koshelev acted as Brandon Jaynes, son of Melinda Jaynes and Grimcutty’s first victim.

Callan Farris acted as Kamran Chaudhry, Asha’s little brother and Amir and Leah’s son and the Grimcutty’s third victim.

Tate Moore acted as Cassidy Johnston, the one that knew about Grimcutty before Kayl and Asha, also the only and the first commenter of the first video of Asha and Grimcutty’s fourth victim.

Shannyn Sossamon acted as Leah Chaudhry, the mother of Kamran and Asha and Amir’s wife.

Alona Tal acted as Melinda Jaynes, the one who makes the Grimcutty post and Brandon Jaynes’ mom.

Malaya Valenzuela acted as Emily Litman, Asha’s best friend and Sarah and David’s daughter.

Shelli Boone acted as the Principal

Chrisaane Eastwood acted as Fran

Justin Jarzombek acted as Oliver

Olabisi Kovabel acted as Kayla ¨Kai¨

Nanrisa Lee acted as Sarah Litman, mom of Emily

Kory Mann acted as Student no. 1 in an auditorium

Brenda Schmid acted as Tracy Johnston, mom of Cassidy.

Tamara Whatley acted as the Receptionist

Terry Dexter acted as Laura

Kritian Flores acted as Jackson Martinez

Joel Hebner acted as the Grimcutty

Mia Pollini acted as Partygoers in Oliver’s house

Clinton Lowe acted as the Male Nurse

Jeff Meacha acted as David Litman, dad of Emily

Ryan P. Shrime acted as Dave Bagilardi

John Ross Bowie (special appearance)


A young teenager should work with her small brother to stop the internet meme that had come to life. This movie story outline is the direct reference to Momo Challenge hoax, the internet moral panic which reached their peak.

Writer’s Opinion

From the beginning of the movie is not really good. From the scenario of the girl whispering while creating the video up to the end this movie is really painful.

The viewers can assume that it’s only demanding some big meaningful movies that taught somebody a lesson about a thing, but it just does not work, because none from the casts are believable. None from the casts was acting great. The delivery of the script is between plastic and wood and the script is ridiculous. The acting is really awful, the horror is an eye rolling, the story is just bad.

The story itself isn’t fully explained and does not make any sense. The characters do things that nobody would ever do and they are unlikable. The effects were hardly passable and the “creature” design is terrible. The viewers are being reminded of some other parts of the other movies, so the audience guesses, just like me that the writer has watched those movies but did not give attention to what has made it work. There is really nothing redeemable regarding any part of the movie and it is not recommended to watch, but, you can try if you want.

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