Piggy, 2022

This is another horror thriller movie of the writer, director Carlota Pereda, from the short film of similar name from 2019.

Cast Lists

Laura Galán acted as Sara

Fernando Delgado-Hierro acted as Juancarlitos

Carmen Machi acted as Asun

José Pastor acted as Pedro

Fred Tatien acted as Padre Roci

Julián Valcárcel acted as Tomás

Chema del Barco acted as Juan Carlos

Irene Ferreiro acted as Claudia

Lía Lois acted as Amaya

Richard Holmes acted as El desconocido

José Vicente Moirón acted as Pedro

Claudia Salas acted as Maca

Camille Aguilar acted as Roci

Stéphanie Magnin Vella acted as Rosa

Pilar Castro acted as Elena



Sara, called as Cerdita by the bully Maca and Roci and Claudia, her friends, is an overweight teen girl living in the little town of Extremadura. A day during one summer, Sara decided to visit a local swimming pool, and just to find out by those three bullies, who tormented her and stole her clothes and backpack. While walking home, she’s harassed by a crowd of men and then escapes onto the side road, wherein she saw the parked van that originally unbeknownst to her, the unnamed man is utilizing to kidnap the bullies. Claudia appeared by the rear window, however, Sara ignored her pleas for assistance as the kidnapper, who’s also present at a pool, leaves the towel of Claudia before driving. Sara went back home, deciding to not tell anyone about the real thing that happened.

News reached the city that a pool lifeguard had been found lifeless, and that the waitress went missing also, along with the other three ladies. Sara and Asun, her mother goes to a pool, where Sara has been questioned by both the local Guard and Asun about what she witnessed, and denied having been at a pool that afternoon. Shortly that night, Sara realized that she will track her mobile, which the gals had stolen prior to that day, to assist and determine the location of the bullies. Then, she stole the phone of her father and ventured into the woods, where she handles to locate her phone and backpack. In doing so, Sara has a second experienced with a kidnapper, who warned her to be calm and starts to display some likings towards her before avoiding.

At that similar time, some family associates of the missing lass, including Elena, Claudia’s mother, undertake their personal investigation in the woods, during which they locate the missing waitress body. After Sara went back home, Pedro, a buddy of those missing girls, came to the house and invited her out. He introduced her to marijuana, then, revealed that he is aware that she had been lying regarding not being at a pool on that day these girls disappeared. He reveals also that the city people suspected him accountable for the disappearance; then, Sara promised to reveal what she witnesses to a Civil Guard if he’s arrested.

Writer’s Opinion

The movie is another crack from Spain, Piggy has been a wonderfully timed terrifying thriller, the thought is provoked, it’s bleak, and it’s very relevant.

The course interest place right at the feet of Sara, after pain for what would have been a worst nightmare for the teen she witnesses a terrifying event, placing you in the place of Sara. Is she glad that her tormenter will be in trouble, or just being guilty for not really doing anything?

Laura Galan had been excellent from the beginning to finish, a capable and competent performance. So, you see how life can be cruel for a teenager that is different, in the case of being an overweight, you also see how cruel the crowd will be, it is very well observed. And the bullying and the gore and the horror are all measured, they could have simply made this into the gore fest, gone too far, however, nothing is overdone here.

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