House of Darkness, 2022

The horror-thriller film is an American black comedy movie of director Neil LaBute and this movie is the reimagining of Dracula.

Cast Lists

Justin Long acted as “Hap” Hapgood Jackson

Gia Crovatin acted as Lucy

Lucy Walters acted as Nora

Kate Bosworth acted as Mina Murray


After meeting in a bar, Hapgood Jackson or known as “Hap” went back to the castle-like remote estate of Mina Murray. While Mina has been out of the area fixing drinks, Hap called his male buddy to brag his hookup. Following the night kissing, couched conversation, and drinking, Mina starts unbuckling Hap’s pants. Lucy, Mina’s sister, unexpectedly interrupted. Hap gets that idea that he will possibly have a 3some with these both women. Mina exited the area to get some drinks. Lucy and Hap had the chance for a private talk.

Hap falls asleep for a moment. Hap had a nightmare where he’s imprisoned in the cave with the pile of shoes that indicates he is also another in a longer line of victims. But, after he wakes, Hap was taken by Lucy on a trip of the manor. Then eventually, Mina rejoined them and they went back to the sitting area. Mina and Lucy propose barter ghost stories. Hap improvised of a glib story regarding the guy who had also a threesome with the other two sisters.

Lucy responded by telling a story of the wronged ladies who sought vengeance over men that raped them and the one that keep on pursuing sexual predators from across the globe. Hap became further troubled when Lucy mentioned the cave like this was the one he remembered in his nightmare. Nora, the third sister, entered the room. Realizing that the ladies intended to teach him some moral lesson, Hap became combative and tried to leave. Revealing them as the vampires, Nora, Mina, and Lucy unravel their paranormal powers with the fangs out to devour and destroy Hap.

Writer’s Opinion

Whoever wrote the dialogue of the film clearly had never interacted with a real human. After 20 minutes of watching, Justin’s character was not unlikeable anymore with those ceaseless rambling that the viewers gave up. There had been zero action or just something compelling that will hook someone in. It would likely be suited best to a low budget type of play and not for a movie. The movie preview was all intriguing, however, if you cannot hook a viewer during the first 20 minutes of an hour of the entire script that needed to be rewritten.

The initial more than one hour of this dull crap, is a discussion between Hap and Mina. Nothing really happens. Nothing!! She’s overly mysterious and he’s overly awkward. And they did nothing just talking. It is like watching in a theater of a stage show film. And it is a really boring stage show. Watching a dull and sad is a total waste of time. For those who are not watching this still, save your time and everything and just avoid this crap. It is a weird, boring film and nothing really happen.

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