Something in the Dirt, 2022

The film is an American science fiction and a comedy horror movie of the writer Justin Benson and directed and stars Benson with Aaron Moorhead. This is the 5th feature movie by these directing duos.

Cast Lists

Justin Benson acted as Levi

Aaron Moorhead acted as John


A guy woke up in a dirty, small apartment. Conversations with the neighbor establish that the guy named Levi, who worked at odd jobs and a spear-fisher. John, the neighbor, is sometimes a math teacher that attended the evangelical apocalyptic church. Mutually, the pair noticed that stuffs made of quartz at times float and then glow supernaturally in the apartment, revealing a definite symbol, and different lights, radio signals, noises, and tremors can be heard.

The pair worked together to make the documentary film regarding this kind of phenomenon, next up on clues with coincidences that start to occur all around LA connected to it. At some points, Levi suggested to John that a pursuit had been harmed and recommended stopping, but then John rushes ahead carelessly. John usually maligns Levi’s theories approving of his own, starts to display some signs of a sociopath, constantly-changing ones, ignoring evident signs of danger and pathological lying.

Finally, these two guys have an argument. During that evening, John awakens while floating in the wind and fall back to bed. He went outside to witness Levi floating at high in the sky. In a documentary-style interview, the scenes saw John explains where in Levi died as an outcome, his mangled body located near the house the pair examined earlier, surrounded by the unnatural totems and has the blacked-out manuscript. The interviewer asked John to explain about the supernatural phenomena. Then John only says his calculations had been off and refused to elaborate even further, still firm to finish the documentaries.

Writer’s Opinion

The film is the weakest movie of the duo and it is a well-made movie that goes nowhere. The cast they made were high-quality films in this genre, and they “invented” a somewhat additional genre, like sci-fi, bizarre, not-comedy, art-horror, weird, but also not to take itself really serious, eerie, mystery.

The movie is a weak kind of movie, but still watchable, interesting and entertaining. It is well directed, a fun ride and a great chemistry also. But, it goes nowhere. Some amount of ambiguity isn’t always a bad stuff, but this movie is somewhat a thanksgiving dessert. This film is a bit, that and this, and this movie isn’t cohesive. Furthermore, it hasn’t gotten any identity either, it is not really a bad thing; however, it did not work as it is planned here. The casts are not able to make a semi-comedy kind of movie. The casts are not comedy actors here, even though they had been very likeable, but they are not also comedy-writers. Just stick to the genre, there are still better moviemakers in the comedy-horror-scientific genre. It is still a kind of watchable and good movie, but, this is not a good recommended movie to watch.

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