Deadstream, 2022

The film is an American supernatural comedy and horror movie produced, directed, and written and edited by the husband and wife, Joseph and Vanessa Winter as their directorial debut, together with Joseph Winter as the soundtrack composer.

Cast Lists

Melanie Stone acted as Chrissy / Mildred

Joseph Winter acted as Shawn


The film centers over Shawn, the disgraced YouTube character known for the videos featuring him to perform stunts that will “overcome his fears.” In the beginning of the movie, one of the videos of Shawn resulted in a real controversy where he lost his sponsors and his fanbase. Desperate of regaining his fame and retaining his new solo sponsor, Shawn planned to livestream himself and spending the evening at Death Manor, the purportedly haunted home where some people have died.

Being a part of the agreement with the sponsors, if Shawn will leave or will not fully explore the home, he surrenders the sponsorship. Throughout their stream Shawn periodically unlocks the chat screen so he can react to his audience comments. As his live stream starts, Shawn throws the car’s spark plugs to the woods, and locks the door after him and throws a key down the grate. While he’s setting the cameras, he narrated the history of Death Manor: It is disturbed by Mildred Pratt ghost, a failed poet and the wealthy Mormon heiress, who died of suicide after the publisher and the paramour’s sudden death. Succeeding occupants of a house mysteriously died and the place had been eventually abandoned. Shawn speculated that the different deaths through the years had been Mildred tries to form a family she had been unable to possess in life. Shawn explores the house and begins each room, with no history of paranormal act. He declared it the safe area and sets up the equipment there. He discovered an odd symbol hanging in closet, removes it, then, later destroyed it after panic attacked.

Afterwards, Shawn attempted to provoke those spirits through the séance. After encountering some odd noises, he awfully shuts himself in the room. It happens to be Chrissy, the super fan who took a trip to Death Manor so she can meet him. Shawn, who was reluctant to share the spotlight, begrudgingly allowed her to stay for the viewers. They investigated more of that house, finding poetry book of Mildred, which Shawn dismissed as mediocre since “does not even rhyme”. As these two attempted to talk to the Mildred’s spirit by the spirit board, Chrissy convinced Shawn to recite the Latin word to place the ghosts to their rest.

Writer’s Opinion

This had been an amazing comic movie. The viewers will not be sure of what to anticipate when watching the movie. It will be very uncaring about films that ingrate contemporary tech that influences some culture…like the social media, however, they picked the proper dude to play a semi lone personality in the movie. He had an odd balance of being comic with being scared and his being scared will make the audience fear what had happened to him. His character is admirable and also with how he improved.

You can clearly witness the kind of person he’s bee that lends to mutually both the horror and the horror. It does tilt away more than with the others for long, and it was good. The movie is a fun ride! It will absolutely take the audience back to their original crazy fun devil dead! However, the ending part made sense and not just as awesome with the other part of the film.

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