Incantation, 2022

It is a Taiwanese found footage and supernatural horror movie of director Kevin Ko that also co-wrote with the movie screenplay together with Chang Che-Wei. This movie became the top grossing Taiwanese horror movie and received an international distribution on 8th of July, 2022 from Netflix.

Cast Lists

Tsai Hsuan-yen acted as Li Ronan

Huang Sin-ting acted as Dodo

Kao Ying-Hsuan acted as Ming

Sean Lin acted as Dom

RQ (Wen Ching-Yu) acted as Yuan


A lady known as Li Ronan narrated the movie, imploring the audience to memorize the insignia and chant the incantation to transfer blessings and lift the curse on Dodo, her 6-year-old daughter. The incantation and insignia are interspersed frequently all throughout the movie to encourage the audience to pray along. Its movie events are being shown as the found footage in the non-linear mode.

Six years prior, Ronan, Dom, her boyfriend and Yuan, Dom’s cousin, broke the religious taboo when they were documenting the ritual for the online video channel. The three went to the remote clan town inhabited by Yuan and Dom’s relatives, who were practicing the esoteric Yunnan religion worship, the ancestral deity known as Mother-Buddha. The family asked these three to give their names together with an incantation to Mother-Buddha. A family elder informed Ronan that after the birth of her daughter, she must submit the name of her daughter also; Ronan was astonished as she hadn’t realized that she’s pregnant.

That evening, the tram spied on the family making the ritual, where the young girl appeared to be willingly set for a sacrifice. This unconscious girl’s body had been covered in runes and left at the front of the tunnel, which the team were keen to come in, however, the family had said was banned. Ronan waited with a girl while Yuan and Dom come in the tunnel after smashing the barricades. Yuan later appeared screaming hysterically, whereas the lifeless body of Dom was later seen when being carried by those villagers from a tunnel. The footage coming from within that tunnel has since been damaged and will not be played. After the birth of Dodo, Ronan left her in a foster care house and sought some psychiatric help.

Writer’s Opinion

It’s done as the found footage horror movie, but there are two tapes around. The modern time, as the main cast was trying to get the daughter back right after losing guardianship, and her previous life. She wanted to tape the daughter coming home, that it seems like the best reason to tape stuffs.

It is of much higher class than with many other found footage types, and with some extra special effects happening. There are really some creepy effects that were happening with some terrifying Trypophobic scenarios. But it does suffer most of the shaking cam downfalls of the found footage; however, it is not really as bad like the many others out there.

The story is likeable, and does explain pretty well the things and the horror part. The way authorities had actively involved is admirable because they got worried about the child’s welfare. It seems really logical with all things going on that it would really happen. Incantation’s premise is one decent vehicle for that found footage movie. The ride to be there is really engaging plus the relatable elements that really ground the story with a dreadful atmosphere, and also the many spells gives the goosebumps in the movie.

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