The Invitation, 2022

This is an American horror thriller movie of director Jessica Thompson and with the writer Blair Butler. The film follows the young lady who, following the death of her mother met a long-lost family member and it’s their first time to see each other, and only to find out the dark secrets that they are carrying with them.

Cast Lists

Nathalie Emmanuel acted as Evie

Hugh Skinner acted as Oliver

Alana Boden acted as Lucy

Tian Chaudhry acted as Diya, the maid #5

Carol Ann Crawford acted as Mrs. Swift, the maid of Evie

Sean Pertwee acted as Renfield

Courtney Taylor acted as Grace

Stephanie Corneliussen acted as Viktoria

Thomas Doherty acted as De Ville



In the City of New York, Evelyn “Evie” Jackson, a struggling artist, makes a freelancing living for a catering industry with Grace, her best friend. Evie took the DNA test, finding out that she had a distant cousin named as Oliver Alexander in England. She met Oliver, who told her the scandal about Emmaline, her great-grandmother, who had the secret child with the black footman. He invited her to the upcoming clan wedding in England. Then, Evie arrived at Whitby in New Carfax Abbey, wherein she met Walter De Ville, the manor lord, and Mrs. Swift, the longtime maid of their estate. She also met the other members of the Alexander family, friend Lucy, condescending Viktoria and also the other maids of honor.

Evie gradually starts to notice unsettling incidences during her stay. Evie saw the apparition of Emmaline that was shown in the flashback, hanging herself to a staircase. Maids start fading as they are harassed by the shadowy figure. Evie locates herself being romanced by Mr. De Ville before finding out he had been investigating her before the arrival. She confronted him and threatened to leave, but these two reconciled and they have sex.

The clan hosts the rehearsal dinner, wherein Evie expected to finally encounter the groom and bride. Instead, De Ville announced that he and also Evie will be wed. Renfield, the butler, slits the throat of the maid and poured her blood into the bowl. Viktoria, De Ville, and Lucy are all exposed to be vampires that when they drink the blood of the maid. The Alexanders, Evie’s ancestors are one of those three families that for centuries, had each offered one of the ladies to become the wife of De Ville in exchange for wealth and protection. Emmaline was initially intended to be the third bride of De Ville, but she slayed herself because of guilt of killing human beings, and because of the beat of her love, an infant son and Evie’s great-grandfather. The Alexander clan had trouble finding the female member until the time they saw Evie. Viktoria locks the frantic Evie inside the coffin, but then she was at free by Mrs. Swift, who’s murdered by Renfield. Evie just makes it into the city and asked the elderly couple that revealed themselves as Mina and Jonathan Harker, for assistance, but is knocked involuntary as they are working for De Ville.

Writer’s Opinion

It has a pleasant build up, but there was not really any mystery or horror in the movie. There are only a few glimpses of the monsters and jump scares, even though the awkward social engagement might tap to modern horror movie. The case packed finale had been ridiculous and together with the shortness of originality, totally spoiled the entire film. The Lord achieved his role admirably with the setting and the costumes had been good, but in general, it was far really meek to really take the teeth into.

It failed at being in the horror category but it could have been the passable mystery, however, the trailer flawed it. It was not bombastic to be fun, however, it was not really written well to justify its being dull and at its best, it is the way to spend the evening.

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