Men, 2022

This is a British folk horror movie by the writer and director Alex Garland. The widowed woman that travels on a holiday to the countryside village had been disturbed and tormented of strange men from that village.

Cast Lists

Jessie Buckley acted as Harper Marlowe, the woman who went on a holiday trip after the tragic incident.

Paapa Essiedu acted as James Marlowe, late husband of Harper.

Rory Kinnear acted as Geoffrey, Harper rents holiday house owner.

Sonoya Mizuno acted as the police operator (voice).

Gayle Rankin acted as Riley, Harper’s buddy who talks to her primarily through the phone.

Zak Rothera-Oxley acted as Samuel’s body, stands-in for Kinnear.

Sarah Twomey acted as Frieda, the friendly police official.


Following the obvious suicide of James, her husband, Harper Marlowe settles on spending the holiday alone at the Cotson, Herefordshire village. Flashbacks revealed that Harper, who is tired of the emotional manipulation and abuse of James, intended to divorce him, directing James to threaten her with that suicide. After James hit the face of Harper, he immediately tried to apologize, but then Harper angrily safe him out in the flat. She witnessed him falling from the upstairs veranda to his death, and being partially speared by the fence.

Upon coming in the country home she rented, Harper was greeted by Geoffrey, the eccentric but a well-meaning owner, who gives her the house tour. Harper later went on for a walk in the nearby forest and comes across the disused railway tunnel. While at the other part, the human figure starts screaming and running coming to her. Frightened, Harper goes back by the woods until she reaches the open field. She goes back to photograph a landscape on her cellular phone and notices the naked guy standing at a distance while eerily observing her.

The following day, during the video call with Riley, her friend, Harper spotted the same naked guy at the front garden and the face was covered with bloody scratch, further disturbing her. Understanding that a front door is a bit open, Harper rapidly shuts and locks the door, but the naked guy sticks his hand by a letter box. Harper called the police and that guy was arrested, with an arresting officer that is resembled with Geoffrey.

Writer’s Opinion

If you have watched this movie, you will really have that mixed reaction: it is absolutely not for everyone. However, even if you will hate the movie, you must give it a shot.

Initially, the stars acting were brilliant from everyone being involved. It is also the best looking movie of Garland by the long shot – there had been tons of haunting shots, really poetic, and the shallow deepness of field totally fits to this type of story. What this went down to is whether you had been okay with the movie not being stuck. The movie is a really non-literal story, no explanation at all and is being given for any of the events that happened.

There may be some misinformation being enabled about the film as well. There are some parts where you will not get that message of being “Men as bad” here. It’s more nuanced than being bad.

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