Skinamarink, 2022

The film is a Canadian experimental supernatural and horror movie of the writer, director Kyle Edward Ball as his featured directorial debut. This movie followed the two children that woke up during an evening of discovery that they cannot locate their father, and the doors, windows, and some other objects inside the house are disappearing.

Cast Lists

Lucas Paul acted as Kevin

Dali Rose Tetreault acted as Kaylee

Ross Paul acted as Kevin and the father of Kaylee

Jaime Hill acted as Kevin and the mother of Kaylee


In the year 1995, the 4-year-old Kevin injured himself in what Kaylee, the 6-year-old sister says is the sleepwalking episodes. Kevin was taken to the hospital and then brought back to their house. The father called someone and told them that the hospice is not in need of giving stitches and that he only punched his head. Sometime later, these two siblings woke up in the core of an evening to see that their father had seemingly disappeared where their doors, windows and some other objects inside the house are slowly vanishing too.

Kevin suggested that they sleep downstairs, wherein they can watch cartoons on the TV. They awakened to discover that their house is still dark. They heard the unexplained thumping noise, then, saw the chair standing in an upside-down position over the ceiling. Kevin asked Kaylee where she thought their father may be, to which she replied that she doesn’t know. Kevin suggested that “maybe their father went with their mom,” and Kaylee replied, “I do not want to talk mom.”

Kevin showed Kaylee that their toilet in the downstairs bathroom had disappeared too. Kaylee accompanied Kevin to their upstairs bathroom. She saw a doll on the bedroom ceiling, and then Kevin returned to tell her about his being afraid of using the toilet. They settled on placing the two buckets at the downstairs toilet. The mysterious voice called Kaylee from the dusk, telling her to go upstairs. Then, Kaylee heads upstairs, but Kevin remained downstairs. In their bedroom, she saw their father, who told her to look down under the bed. Kaylee does so, but doesn’t see anything. She saw their mother sitting on the opposite part of the bed. Their mother told Kaylee that they loved her and Kevin, then instructed her to shut her eyes before disappearing. She stares at a pitch-black open cabinet and heard her mother say to her “There’s someone here.” Coming from the cabinet, she heard her mother calling her name and also moans of pain and the breaking of her bones.

Writer’s Opinion

Even if you have limits, if you are someone who enjoyed a slow burn, you will enjoy this movie. The movie is best to watch in the evening to get that horror atmosphere and struggled of not falling asleep easily throughout the entire thing. If you cut most of the dead air in the movie, there are moments that you will miss where there are pure horrors that will genuinely freak you out.

Hopefully somebody will do the fan edit and will cut out more than an hour of that weird camera angle with the sounds of old cartoons humming in a distance because there is only more that you could handle. There are some parts of the movie that gets boring and angry for me. Angry in a sense that the moviemaker was self-indulgent as they presumed that their audiences would be capable of withstanding their movie, however, the execution was excellent and the viewer will be immediately drawn into an atmosphere that the movie exudes.

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