V/H/S/99, 2022

This is an American found footage terrifying anthology movie and the 5th installment of the V/H/S franchise. During the release, the movie broke streaming records over Shudder and then became the most-viewed premiere of the platform, the title which was being held by an earlier entry of the V/H/S/94.


The film has been presented as the mixtape of the five different narratives place in 1999. Not like the first V/H/S entry, this movie doesn’t have an overarching border narrative in between every shot. Instead, the short stop-motion animation of the toy soldiers served as interludes.

Cast Lists

“SHREDDING” by writer, director Maggie Levin


Verona Blue acted as Deirdre

Dashiell Derrickson acted as Chris Carbonara

Jackson Kelly acted as Kaleb

Kelley Missal acted as Jessie

Aminah Nieves acted as Charissa

Tybee Diskin acted as RC

Jesse LaTourette acted as Rachel

Melissa Macedo acted as Jessie Deux

Keanush Tafreshi acted as Ankur


R.A.C.K. is the acronym for the members Rachel, Ankur, and Chris and Kaleb. They are the punk rock band members who adore pulling pranks, and often record their antics over the web show which they are hosting. For the latest video, this band decides on breaking in the Colony Underground, the former music venue which had burned down 3 years prior in the electrical fire that claimed the four member punk bands Bitch Cat lives that all died after being trampled in a chaotic stampede. Their tape was transitioned to the Bitch Cat demo reel performing and being consulted.

Going back to the major tape, the R.A.C.K. entered the condemned venue. Since the quartet explored the place, the reluctant Ankur, the reluctant recipient of the jokes about the group, warned Rachel regarding his being afraid of that Bhuta, having perceived that they possessed any individual who defiles their hidden place. Taking into the stage, they tricked Ankur to thought they’re being possessed. Not being impressed, Ankur stormed off and declared that he had hopes of the Bhuta taking them.

“SUICIDE BID” by the writer, director Johannes Roberts

Brittany Gandy acted as Lucy

Ally Ioannides acted as Lily

Isabelle Hahn acted as Annie

Logan Riley acted as Hannah


The college freshman Lily has been desperate in joining the Beta Sigma Eta. It is the most prominent sorority on the campus. Lily performed the “suicide bid” – that only applied to a sorority as her staffing choice – risking possible alienation upon a rejection. The effort appeared to pay off, since Lily was invited for an evening in the city with these Beta Sigma ETA sorority sisters. These sisters – lead by Annie – took Lily to the close by graveyard where, being part of the hazing ritual, she’s dared to consume the evening buried inside the coffin. The sisters revealed that this has been meant to recreate the urban legend wherein Giltine, another freshman, was dared to do the same deed of entering the same sorority twenty years earlier, and just to be forgotten of her classmates for the week. She was located to have disappeared when the coffin had been unearthed, thought to have crawled in the underworld.

Lily entered the coffin with the box where the contents she was told will give reassurance if she resolved falters, and the video camera to film the ordeal. The sisters start to prank her through knocking on the coffin. She opened the box to see that it has several big spiders. Lily rang the bell that these sisters set up at the event of emergency, insisting to let out. The abrupt rainstorm has commenced just when the police arrive for some investigation of the noise. Feared of expulsion for that hazing, the sisters flew and agreed to exhume Lily the following morning. The cops left, unable to perceive muffled cries of Lily for help. This coffin is gradually flooded with rainwater. The moment the flooding stops, the ghoul abruptly breaks through a coffin and attacked Lily.

“OZZY’s DUNGEON” by the writer, director Flying Lotus with co-writer Zoe Cooper

Steven Ogg acted as The Host

Stephanie Ray acted as Ozzy

Jerry Boyd acted as Marcus

Charles Lott Jr. acted as Brandon

Lauren Powers acted as Bodybuilder

Amelia Ann acted as Donna

Sonya Eddy acted as Debra


Ozzy’s Dungeon is the kid’s game show where the young contestants participated in the physical challenges for the opportunity to descend in the titular dungeon, then, meets Ozzy, who’ll permit the winner of their wish being granted. During the finale, unbeaten challenge, an enthusiast Donna, whose wish will be to aid her poverty-stricken kin leave the run-down neighborhood, has been brutally and undyingly crippled by the rival contestant, losing a show after their host did not stop the contest so the injury will be tended to.

After years, after Ozzy’s Dungeon has been cancelled, the former host of the show awakens, stripped and then locked in the dog cage, in the basement of Debra, the domineering mother of Donna, who is slowly revealed to have clean up her daughter in winning the show in every cost so she can be able to escape Detroit. Through the assistance of Marcus, her browbeaten husband, Brandon, their son and Donna – who uses a wheelchair now and who had been injured leg has been gangrenous and decaying– Debra has the show host filmed when he was forced by some torturous adaptations of the challenges coming from Ozzy’s Dungeon, pressuring to douse him of an acid if he refused to comply. He failed to complete a course in seconds. The host offered to take the kin to Ozzy and had their wish granted.

“THE GAWKERS” with the writer, director Tyler MacIntyre and co-writer Chris Lee Hill

Luke Mullen acted as Dylan

Emily Sweet acted as Sandra

Wallis Barton acted as Emma

Danny Jolles acted as Delivery Guy

Cree Kawa acted as Mark

Ethan Pogue acted as Brady

Duncan Anderson acted as Boner

Janna Bossier acted as Mom

Hannah Kat Jones acted as Cassidy

Tyler Lofton acted as Kurt


Brady is the young teen that films stop motion video of toy soldiers — an animation depicted between the segments of the film — with the camera of his older brother Dylan. While Brady recorded his current video, Dylan ruptured to his place and took a camera, where he utilizes to filming himself practicing some pick-up lines. Dylan, Kurt, Boner and Mark exclude Brady from the activities, thinking him as the hopeless loser. These friends then went out to pull some pranks on their neighborhood people and each other, and then perform the tricks at their local skate park. The team discovered a big patch also of snakeskin close by the field, pointing Boner to consume it for fifty cents.

Right after concealing a camera and using the camera in trying to get the secret up-skirt pictures of the two girls, these teens became fixated over Sandra, the attractive blonde who moved to the house diagonal to the street from the house of Brady and Dylan, whose yard was revealed to be ornamented with some stone broken. As the boys filmed her washing her vehicle from Brady’s window, they’re interrupted by the deliveryman who handed Sandra the Macintosh computer. Later, Brady met and befriended by Sandra, who invited him in her house when he attempted to roller-skate, and much to the shock and jealousy of Dylan. Upon Brady’s return, Mark, Boner and Kurt complimented him for the newfound connection with Sandra. The moment they beg him of the information, Brady told them that Sandra requested him back to assist to set up the latest webcam. Dylan together with his friends enlisted Brady to follow by this promise, pressuring Dylan into installing spyware over her computer, intending of hacking into the webcam in hopes to see her nude.

“TO HELL AND BACK” with the writer and director Vanessa and Joseph Winter

Joseph Winter acted as Troy

Dustin Watts acted as Ukoban

Ehab Abunuwara acted as Husband

Vickie Hayden acted as Witch Vickie

Ariel Lee acted as Wormaid

Tori Pence acted as Kirsten

Coe-Jane Weight acted as Grandma Great

Archelaus Crisanto acted as Nate

James C. Morris acted as Furcas

Kim Abunuwara acted as Jane

Perla Lacayo acted as Witch Alex

Melanie Stone acted as Mabel


On the New Year’s Eve of 1999, the videographers and best friends Troy and Nate had been hired by what’s revealed to be the coven of witches. The task is to picture the witches making the ritual where the lady named Kirsten volunteered to be offered being the vessel to the powerful demon called as the Ukabon. Despite approving to film a ritual, Nate is remarkably skeptical of the clients and thought that the ritual will be a prank. These witches performed the ritual tell a duo that while they’ll call to Ukabon, they’ll not really summon it until a stroke of midnight over the new millennium, and when the veil in between the Hell and the Earth is at its slimmest. As the ritual starts, Ferkus, the uninvited demon that had disrupted the rituals of the coven before, makes its aura known. As these witches attempted to cast out, Ferkus grabbed Troy and Nate and dragged them underneath the altar of the witches.

As the camera glimpses Ferkus receding, Troy slowly discovered that he and also Nate had been sent into Hell. These duo encountered bloodthirsty demons, mutilated bodies and hazardous traps spread throughout the cast landscape, and swift Nate to arm him with the discarded pitchfork as the means of protection. When they make their mode across Hell, Troy and Nate cross paths together with Mabel, the damned soul who talks in archaic terms that will tell they are mortal, therefore making them irresistible of hungry demons. She settles to aid them to escape through leading them to the Ukabon, whom she hated, in exchange for that two of them scripting her name in a spell book of witches. Troy and Nate also remembered how the witches said to them that the covering between Hell and Earth is at its weakest during midnight, and since the Ukabon is an only conduit by which the duo will return to Earth, they’ll have only minutes in finding them before they will be stuck in Hell through all eternity.

Writer’s Opinion

The beginning of VHS since 1984 was really a good one. However, this time around there’s quite literally nothing saving. Even Gawker that must be the best became a total waste with filler and with the boring climax. It had been like the “Lily” rip-off and has zero tension. Every segment was really a dud. Give some chance to the new writers or at least just be honest within yourselves when you are reading the scripts, then and weed out from garbage. Otherwise the franchises will then suffer even further.

Sure the viewers will not have any idea about what or where is the part in the movie that makes it a horror one. The movie segments were the total cheap features. There is no single segment in the movie that is remotely based in truth. The movie had proven not able to match the quality of the first two, but they still place out some of the solid segments.

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