Bed Rest, 2022

The film is an American horror thriller movie by the writer and director Lori Evans Taylor. The movie has been released on Tubi and it is the initial movie under The Najafi Company leadership acquisition.

Cast Lists.

Guy Burnet acted as Daniel Rivers

Lennox Denyer acted as Baby Andrew Rivers

Kristen Harris acted as Julie’s OB-GYN

Marina Stephenson Kerr acted as Mrs. Whittier

Erik Athavale acted as Dr. Meadows

Melissa Barrera acted as Julie Rivers

Paul Essiembre acted as Dean Whittier

Edie Inksetter acted as Delmy Walker

Kristen Sawatzky acted as Melandra Kinsey


Daniel Rivers, a university professor with Julie, his wife, are the expecting couple who had moved into the old but like a lakeside house in the upstate New York City. One of the laborers the Rivers have hired to renovate the house hands of the wife Julie is an old bracelet that he saw while doing the maintenance over the drain, assuming that this belongs to her. Then, Julie decided to keep that bracelet, despite the truth that it does not belong to her. The Rivers entered the room, where they saw Lou, their Siamese cat, wandering around. Daniel was exhausted from dealing with the house remodeling, but he’s happy with his marriage same as Julie is, who is then seven months pregnant.

That evening, Julie is fixing that bracelet she took earlier that day, and she placed it over her wrist. She picks up the box she purchased with her; however, it puts it down the moment she heard a baby whispering down their hall. Lou appeared to hear that too, as Julie saw her cat hissing in the tarp-covered doorway when planning to investigate. Julie was then worried by Daniel, who takes her into what has been the room of the baby. He excitedly showed her the monitor in the corner and the baby crib. The monitor can record videos and is being connected to the microphone. Later that evening, the couple attended an academia banquet that is hosted by Mr. Dean Whittier together with his wife. Julie opens up the conversation with the wife of Dean about her and then Daniel move at the lakeshore house. The wife of Dean asked Julie if a baby she is carrying is her first, however, Daniel cuts in just before Julie can reply to the question.

When Daniel and Julie returned home, they have an argument. Because the baby that Julie is carrying is not hers, but Daniel’s first child and some years prior to that they were alleged to have a child, a son, but he’d tragically stillborn. Julie was upset with Daniel about being dishonest with their baby loss, and while heading to go up, she was startled about the sight of their baby, and trips, suffering that nasty fall.

Writer’s Opinion

In the couple’s attempt to get the house remodeled, but find themselves forced to stay her to bed rest after the accident that gives them the pre-natal scare, but, it lengthens her belief that the house is really haunted and tried to protect her child from that supernatural threat.

Overall, the movie turned out as a quite decent film instead of an enjoyable one. Among the more adorable qualities, here is the core setup and motivation to that titular situation that sets all things in motion. As they are shown in the hub of that house remodeling and about to be a mother, this gives the nice light to excel at them. The appearance of a baby outside led to many instances about her believing that it is coming to set-up the possible scare with the unsure nature of what has been happening to drive her to even more unstable with what she is already due with her mental state by everything.

There are some minor issues which are enough to drag the movie down. The major drawback of this is the typical stereotype of the lady who is aware of all things, but yet nobody wanted to listen until it is really late, that is such the overdone trope that it does not have much impact or weight anymore.

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