The Blackening, 2022

This American comedy horror movie of director Tim Story and writer Dewayne Perkins and Tracy Oliver is from the short film of 2018 of a similar name by a comedy troupe 3Peat. The movie followed the team of Black American buddies dwelling in the woods in a cabin where they’re targeted by the masked killer on June10th.

Cast Lists

Grace Byers acted as Allison

Melvin Gregg acted as King

X Mayo acted as Shanika

Dewayne Perkins acted as Dewayne

Sinqua Walls acted as Nnamdi

James Preston Rogers acted as Camden Connor and Clive Connor

Diedrich Bader acted as ranger White

Jermaine Fowler acted as Clifton

Yvonne Orji acted as Morgan

Jay Pharoah acted as Shawn

Antoinette Robertson acted as Lisa


Morgan and Shawn arrived in the woods at the cabin where they planned to celebrate June10th with their set of friends. In the basement, a couple discovered the board game named as”The Blackening” which presents the racist caricatures. Suddenly, lights go out, then, the odd voice demanded the couple to just play. Shawn answered the question incorrectly and was promptly killed with the arrow in his neck. Morgan attempted to run away but was captured.

The following day, Lisa, Allison, and Dewayne made their way into the cabin and discussed King bringing the unfaithful ex-boyfriend of Lisa, Nnamdi, for the festivities of the weekend. On her way going to the cabina, Shanika runs into the former school buddy named Clifton at a gas station, who revealed he’s also joining the team. Before leaving, Shanika was unnerved by a facially disfigured clerk who situates by her menacingly. The moment that the crowd has been all together, they discovered Ranger White not allowing them to come in. After inhabiting the dispute, the team starts to set up over the evening of partying.

After drugs, games and drinks ensue, the team questioned who specifically invited over Clifton. After the glow go out again, the crowd goes to look for the power box, just to find The Blackening with the game pieces comparing their personalities. The voices talk to them, saying that he’s keeping Morgan inmate. The voice forced the crowd to play a game to rescue Morgan and starts by asking trivia queries about the African-American culture. Sadly, the crowd failed to sufficiently reply to the question regarding all the black/dark actors who guest-starred over Friends and Morgan has been attacked.

Writer’s Opinion

The Blackening presents the current take on the Black comedy, using the social media jokes and debates like ‘Friends’ vs. the ‘Living Single’ comparison, being the comical targets over the big screen. But, the subsequent movie plot left numerous jokes on the desk.

A movie that bases the whole of its identity over the comedically darker script, The Blackening commenced the parody-like energy which kept the pacing loose with the story light whereas giving some tense moments as it goes along the way. A thought of over-exaggerated, but purposely relatable dialogue succeeded even more in theory compared on the screen, and although no performances sticks out for worse or even better, the chemistry alone has been worth following along. Its social commentary is not disguised and woven in the story in the manner like Jordan Peele, however, longtime moviemaker Tim Story does maintain a narrative present and also whether the jokes will hit hard or fall flat, their message is all the same. As a substitute to trying to piece altogether every joke, watch the movie with the viewers and allow the characters’ mannerisms to humor you and just like as what they are saying and you will end up having a perfect enjoyable time.

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