The Outwaters, 2022

It is an American horror movie directed, written and stars by Robbie Banfitch. It’s being presented as the found footage from the memory cards belonging to the crowd of friends who ventured to the Mojave Desert so they can shoot the music video, wherein they encountered threatening and mysterious phenomena.

Cast Lists

Robbie Banfitch acted as Robbie Zagorac

Angela Basolis acted as Angela Bocuzzi

Christine Brown acted as 911 Operator

Scott Schamell acted as Scott Zagorac

Leslie Ann Banfitch acted as Leslie

Nancy Bujnowski acted as a Flight Attendant

Michelle May acted as Michelle August

Aro Caitlin acted as Aro Aguilar


The film unlocks with the panicked 9-1-1 phone call along with the visuals that indicates that the 4 main cast members— Michelle, Robbie, Angela, and Scott are missing. The title card explained that the following footage had been recovered from the 3 memory cards discovered in Mojave Desert.

Robbie was the aspiring filmmaker staying in LA who recruited Scott, his brother and Angela, his friend to help in filming the music video for Michelle, his friend at the Mojave Desert. When they are getting ready for that expedition, he celebrated the birthday of his brother, surprises his mother going back home, partied with Angela, and speaks to Michelle regarding the recently-deceased mom. Footage filmed from the apartment of Robbie of the two separate earthquakes has been shown also.

The four buddies pack their equipment, then, started their journey, spend the first evening at the small lake. They keep deeper in the desert the following day and encountered the mass of donkeys blocking their way. They arrive at the final location, the tiny hillside area close by the dried-up lakebed, then, start to set-up the camp. In the evening, the four were awakened by the frantic noises and booming sounds of animal which happens to be getting near them. Robbie and Scott left their tent to have an investigation, but then find no clues at all. Robbie continued by himself and saw the light along the hillside path.

Writer’s Opinion

This film is somehow very similar to Skinamarink and that is not really a good idea at all. You absolutely no idea what is going on the whole runtime and it is totally of horrible moviemaking with totally dark shots with the flashlight every time. If the darkness will bother you, don’t worry since you will end up getting that screams and running of no context. However, if it will totally bother you at all, then you will just be treated to the random footage thrown altogether going from day to night and so on.

Somehow, the movie plot is terrible with a bad camera work, mainly for the major character is the cameraman also, plus the bad lightings affect it. This is what will happen when someone told you that you need to really get out from there and shoot the film. However, the good side of the movie was probably some of their unexpected sounds that really add something. The worst film is the visual medium here.

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