Mid-Century, 2022

The film is an American horror thriller movie of director Sonja O’Hara with the writer and producer Mike Stern.

Cast Lists

Stephen Lang acted as Frederick Banner

Emmy Perry acted as Hannah

Sebastian Quinn acted as Graham Verdin

Mike Stern acted as Eldridge Banner

Ellen Toland acted as Joanne Waxtan

Shane West acted as Tom Levin

Bruce Dern acted as Emil Larson

Chelsea Gilligan acted as Dr. Alice Dodgeson

Sarah Hay acted as Marie Verdin

Sonja O’Hara acted as Dr. Kerri Brenan

Jon Park acted as Sgt Choe

Annapurna Sriram acted as the Officer Raquel Dorado

Jay Scully acted as the Dr. Hal Brenan

Bill Chott acted Dr. Volker

Vanessa Estelle Williams acted as Beverly Gordon

Daniel V. Graulau acted as Delivery Guy

James Gaudioso acted as Anthony Waxtan


In year 1963, Anthony and Joanne Waxen live in the house constructed by Frederick Banner, and with whom these two have concerning interactions. Joanne, the stay-at-home wife is given with underwear as a present by her husband. Then after Joanne leaves for the underwear change, Frederick comes in the house. Joanne saw that Frederick peeking over her while Anthony hung from a ceiling with the use of a belt.

In year 2022, Alice, a doctor who’s been harassed by a superior and was traumatized from the time she was working during the pandemic of COVID-19. She and Tom, her architect husband, went out to San Diego for some weekend getaway and rented the mid-century modern house, the same that has been built by Frederick, coming from the mysterious guy named Eldridge. When they were there, odd events occur like the bird crashing in the window, doors unlocking by itself, and a shadowy form watching the couple when they are having sex. As the evening falls, the delivery driver told Tom about Eldridge, saying he freaks him. After driving away, the tire pops out and the guy stabbed him in his chest.

Next to dinner, Alice went out to have an interview at a hospital for her new job. A delivery guy was sent to the hospital by Alice, but she was not able to save him. Right seeing the receipt for an order inside his pocket, the officer Raquel and also partner interrogated her, asking if Tom had something to accomplish with the killings.

In the meantime, Tom investigated the house and also Frederick Banner. Tom looked for Frederick on Wikipedia, but saw a lot of missing, and so he called Hannah, his co-worker whom he was sleeping with to look for a book after him in the office. The book revealed that Frederick lost Alice, his first wife and later remarried with Joanne Waxen, and also, he was interested in the occult with the painter named as Emil Larson and also with polygamy.

Writer’s Opinion

The movie concept was really clever enough. The first thirty minutes of the movie are the standard horror movie; however, it just gets odd. There are flashbacks, some pseudo-psychedelic trip and ghosts that make no sense, and so the story falls apart. You can keep watching, but surely you will be confused and perplexed after they exposed that what was really happening was the ghosts taking over with the living. These living were just acting out on behalf of the ghost.

The movie went well in the beginning; however, the acclaimed just keep coming. This movie’s entire story does not make sense. The actors acting are terrible and were not even make a great job of bashing the white men which had been the main topic these nowadays. Shows and movies will not wake the viewers if they will not attack them. Sad to say, that this movie had literally bad reviews that are really correct.

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