No Exit, 2022

This is an American thriller movie under the direction of Damien Power from the screenplay by Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer is from the novel of the similar name in 2017 by Taylor Adams.

Cast Lists

Havana Rose Liu acted as Darby Thorne

David Rysdahl acted as Lars, one of the suspects

Lisa Zhang acted as Devon, Darby’s sister

Dale Dickey acted as Sandi, Ed’s wife

Dennis Haysbert acted as Ed, a Marine and Sandi’s husband

Hweiling Ow acted as Darby’s mother

Danny Ramirez acted as Ash, one of the suspects

Benedict Wall acted as Corporal Ron Hill

Mila Harris acted as Jay, the girl being abducted


Recovering the addict Darby Thorne discovered that that her mother was in a hospice after suffering from a brain aneurysm, and was undergoing an emergency surgery. She escaped rehab and then drives to the Salt Lake City. When stopped at the hub of the road, the Corporal Ron Hill told her that their interstate was closed due to the developing blizzard. She agreed to stay for the night at the local visitor’s center. There are people inside like the married couple Sandi and Ed, Ash, and Lars. Darby goes out to look for the cell phone signal and then ended up seeing a kidnapped girl inside the van belonging with a person inside.

Playing some round of Bullshits, Darby used her knowledge about the license plate of the van to question the other people and assumed that Lars is a kidnapper. She went to a bathroom and used the hole in a wall when going back outside. Darby broke into a van and speaks to a girl, promising to rescue her. Not aware of her being there, Lars entered the van and revealed the girl’s name as Jay. Inside, Ed increase suspicious of Lars’s odd behavior. As Lars exits a van to take some food to Jay, Darby went back in the cabin with a hole in a wall.

Jay has an Addison’s disease that will make an adrenaline overdose when she became too stressed. Inside the bathroom, Darby told Ash about Jay. And Ash agreed to assist her. When Darby went outside, but, Ash revealed that he is the brother of Lars and an accomplice of the kidnapping. Ash took Darby back inside, then threatens of killing her if she informed Sandi and Ed about Jay. While, outside, Jay cut herself free and then runs to the woods. At a bathroom, Darby attacked Ash, but then he gained an upper hand. Lars went with a hole in a wall and halts his brother from choking Darby. In a struggle, Darby took the keys of Ash.

Writer’s Opinion

These are the type of movies that the viewers have wish were being created more often. It is a grounded thriller with a twist galore and with a solid rated R that they are not afraid to utilize to its whole potential. These are just really fun to watch.

This movie’s suspense is a top-drawer. From its beginning up to that time that a particular occurrence happened, the viewers are being captivated. It is relentlessly a fast paced one. It is a 95 minute movie that is going to go through a really quick one for you. The movie will surprise you with just how brutal it had been willing to be within some parts. There had been no half measures being taken on. It never feels gratuitous or excessive though. Just doing what the story’s demanding to be completed and keep the viewers on the border of their seats.

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