The Cellar, 2022

It is a supernatural horror movie by the writer and director Brendan Muldowney. It follows the family whose daughter that disappeared in a cellar of a big estate they had just moved in.

Cast Lists

Elisha Cuthbert acted as Keira Woods

Abby Fitz acted as Ellie Woods

Eoin Macken acted as Brian Woods

Aaron Monaghan acted as Dr. Fournet

Tara Lee acted as Erica

Dylan Fitzmaurice Brady acted as Steven Woods

Michael-David McKernan acted as Michael

Andrew Bennett acted as Detective Brophy


Kiera and Brian Woods move in the old decadent home with their two kids Steven and Ellie. Ellie immediately voices her opposition from the start to return to her friends. The initial evening they are there, Brian and Kiera, should go into an office to work, then, just leave Ellie as someone to look over to Steven, and much to her dismay. Steven saw the secret space that contains old items, and allowed Ellie to play the sonograph that they discovered. It starts with a guy reciting formulas and counting up gradually. Ellie shuts it out before it will reach seven and told Steven to be in bed.

While Ellie was watching TV and Steven was sleeping, the power went out and Ellie worriedly called her mom. Kiera had Ellie counted up to 10, a number of stairs down to a cellar wherein a breaker is situated. Kiera noticed that when Ellie will reach 10, she keeps on counting like a dreamlike manner. Kiera and Brian rushed home to see Ellie missing and then there is a search out for her. The following day, not being able to locate Ellie, a local police deemed she has gone away and can turn up in some more days, seeing just as how she had the history of running out. Keira knows there is really something wrong that she investigated herself.

In a cellar she locates the odd equations etched in the floor, and the plant-based paint over the far wall within the shapes of red haunted features. After having a police look into it, they identified it is from a 1950 and questioned who owned that house previously. Brian responded through saying that they bought it for almost nothing in an auction from the old woman. Later that evening while Kiera and Brian were sleeping, Steven awakens Kiera up to say to her that he has wet their bed. After assisting and sending him off to bed, she heard whispering from upstairs bathroom sink from a shape of the girl counting up. While the counting kept on counting, she made her way down into the cellar door. Then she opened a door and turned on the lights before stepping down to find nothing.

Writer’s Opinion

Love creepy house films, could had been super spooky. This had been let down by those parents “what they had been thinking” and also in this case. The acting of Elisha Cuthbert as a mother was great. While the father had been sleepwalking throughout the entire movie, literally there is no point of him being there. The movie is a good concept, and unfortunately, the character development and its lack of budget let it down.

The movie has a nice plot, and the viewers will surely have a good time while fronting the screen. The movie is really intriguing and the audience is really eager to know what is going on. It is really a well done movie. The movie can be better since there are some ideas that could have been better exploited. There are also some scenes of this movie or that are still very disturbing and distressing. It is really not bad and can be better, but it is worth a watch.

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