Bhoothakaalam, 2022

This is an Indian Malayalam-language of a terrifying movie directed and written by Rahul Sadasivan. The movie was under the production of Anwar Rasheed under a banner Plan T Film in connection with Shane Nigam movies. Gopi Sunder handles a background score, whereas Shane Nigam made his debut as the music director and the producer too. The film had their worldwide premiere at SonyLIV to wider critical acclaim. Ms. Revathi won her primary Kerala State Movie Award as Best Actress for the performance in his movie during her career spanning about 39 years.

Cast Lists

Revathi acted as Asha

Manju Sunichen acted as Asha’s neighbor

Gilu Joseph acted as Dr Beena

Valsala Menon acted as Vinu’s grandmother

Athira Patel acted as Priya

Abhiram Radhakrishnan acted as Shyam

James Eliya acted as Madhu

Saiju Kurup acted as George

Shane Nigam acted as Vinu


Asha lives with Vinu, her son and also takes care of her sick mother, that later died. Asha is the school instructor and handles her home’s finances sole-handedly. Vinu had completed the B. Pharm and was looking for the job for about two years now, but in vain. Not able to resist this unemployment struggle, Vinu resumed his drinking and smoking habits. Asha is physically and mentally drained in attempting to make Vinu to look for a job.

Vinu starts to get the feeling that there’s somebody else staying in the house. Initially, he assumed that it had been his mother who has been to show her being angry at him, but was later convinced that there’s really someone else. And just like his relatives and friends, Vinu’s mother also thought that there is something wrong with him that makes them decide to take him to a special counselor. However, Vinu, doesn’t cooperate with his counselor. While Asha starts to realize that Vinu’s feelings with regards to someone else being there in the house had been true, the counselor discovered about the previous history of their house wherein the mother and the son had been staying. In that similar house, some years past, two individuals have hung themselves, not able to bear with the thoughts of the other person’s presence. He also discovers that each one of them had been experiencing emotional setbacks because of different causes during their time.

Later then, both Vinu and Asha were trapped inside the house amidst the horrific happenings. They’re ultimately not sure as to the precise nature of what really happened inside the house, but choose to reconcile and then vacate the house.

Writer’s Opinion

Bhoothakaalam is not really a normal horror movie. It is about the relationship between a son and his mother. Just like the home of the protagonist had shown many times and you can relate to the situation. Lots of horror elements had been there in its climax and that can definitely scare anyone. The background sound is really important in any kind of horror movie and it was good here.

Revathi had been a great actor. There is no doubt that she did the job perfectly. But, Shane Nigam is even more adorable in this movie, he was amazing. And lastly, there are some questions that you can’t answer, and that can be the reason why you will like this movie even more. So, if you are a psychological and a horror genre lover, you really have to watch this.

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