Bring It On 7: Cheer or Die, 2022

This is an American made-for-TV cheerleading comedy slasher movie that aired on a Syfy. This is the 7th installment of this same title series of cheerleading movies.

The movie differs from their predecessors in that, this partially ditches the sequence usual comedic tones and incorporated more horror elements, even though the final rating was a PG-13. The movie received negative reviews during its physical release.

Cast Lists

Kerri Medders acted as Abby

Madison MacIsaac acted as Sydney

Cassandra Potenza acted as Captain Becca

Aidan Ritchie acted as Grunchy Bus Driver

Tiera Skovbye acted as McKayla Miller

Alten Wilmot acted as Mateo

Makena Zimmerman acted as Eve Simmons

Gino Anania acted as Evan Wolf

Sara Angelica acted as Larissa

Alexandra Beaton acted as Regan

Samuel Braun acted as Scott Becker

Alec Carlos acted as Danny Jefferies

Sierra Holder acted as Jackie

Sam Robert Muik acted as Quincy

Missi Pyle acted as Principal Simmons

Erika Prevost acted as Tori

Jerni Stewart acted as Candace

Scarlett Smith acted as Paige / Evee Simmons (Age 5)

Jahron Wilson acted as Skeleton

Marlowe Zimmerman acted as Paige Simmons

Robert Allen acted as Football Coach

Megan Best acted as Sandra Pollack / Young Simmons

Callista Begin acted as Paige / Evee Simmons (Age 12)

Rudy Borgonia acted as Silent Sol / Quiet Sol

Shannon Guile acted as Diablo Mascot

Jared Khalifa acted as Diablo Mascot / Cheerleader


When Abby and the Diablo Teammates were forbidden from doing a risky cheer stunt of their overly cautious institute, they feared that they may be laughed out from the upcoming regional cheering competition. The squad came up with the plan to choreograph the winning routine as a secret at the nearby abandoned school. The moment that they are at the school to have a rehearsal, one by one, these cheerleaders start to disappear. During the time that they realized they are locked inside together with the killer, it will be too late to any of them for survival.

Writer’s Opinion

This seventh film installment is the first entry that has horror elements. These are cute and pretty girls with weak recitals, and mainly because they did not have the best materials to work on. Made-for-TV film budget script, cringe dialogues and direction. Except for some funny dialogues there had been much of comedy that is in this movie.

This movie is really a much more of bloodless affair and that is why it is so tame, with some tinkering, it could have easily taken the PG rating and it premiered on the Disney+. This movie has almost a dozen of death scenes and none of which had been particularly memorable. However, you can find it strange, that the killer here brought a series of throwing knives that he can occasionally fling. This had the possibility to become a decent waste of your time. The movie is barely a horror movie as it stands. They should have added some creativity or some gallons of blood for a change. Just saying!

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