Fresh, 2022

It is an American horror thriller movie of director Mimi Cave as her directorial debut. It’s a co-production in between Hyperobject Industries and Legendary Pictures.

Cast Lists

Daisy Edgar-Jones acted as Noa

Dayo Okeniyi acted as Paul

Andrea Bang acted as Penny

Jonica T. Gibbs acted as Mollie

Charlotte Le Bon acted as Ann

Sebastian Stan acted as Steve/Brendan

Brett Dier acted as Chad


Noa, a lady from Portland, is progressing disillusioned with this online dating and these rude men she has interacted with. One day while at the supermarket, the guy known as Steve flirted with her and then they exchange numbers. During their first date, these two quickly hit themselves off and had sex. Right after several dates, Noa was invited by Steve to have a weekend break alone with him. Opposite with the advice of Mollie, her best friend, Noa agreed to the trip with Steve. Planning on travelling early in the next day, Noa let the night pass at the luxury home of Steve. Steve drugs the cocktail of Noa and the she fell unconscious.

Noa was awakened in captivity, being chained to a ground. Steve explained that he’s a butcher of meat that he both consumed for himself and then sells to some wealthy clients. They preferred the meat of younger women, so he normally lures and abducts ladies during dates. He said that he will keep Noa alive as possible as he can, in order to retain keep the meat fresh, since he intended to surgically take the different pieces of Noa’s body over time. Then Noa was allowed BY Steve to have a shower, but then she tried to escape. Steve captured her and harvested her buttocks as a punishment. Noa talks to a lady named Penny, who’s being held captive also in the adjacent room, and then Penny told her that a lady who is singing incoherently has been another victim known as Melissa, and she had gone insane.

Mollie became concerned about the disappearance of Noa and starts investigating together with Paul, her friend, the bartender that served Steve and Noa’s drinks during their first date. Right after searching online, there is where Mollie discovered that the Steve real name is Brendan, and was married to a lady named Ann and they have kids. Mollie visited Ann and informed her of Brendan’s evident affair. Brendan arrived, but denied any encounter with Noa when being questioned by Mollie. When Mollie left, she called the phone of Noa, which starts ringing in the pocket of Brendan. Ann, revealed as Brendan’s accomplice, knocked Mollie unconscious. It’s revealed that Ann had a prosthetic leg also and had been a victim of Brendan before he felt love with her.

Writer’s Opinion

“Fresh” has a fairly small cast ensemble, however, the movie stars definitely rose to an occasion and carried this movie quite well. It’s just a shame though, that they had little time to work with for instances, like properly entertaining and enjoying the script.

“Fresh” was adequate. It’s not a gory film from the director does not delve into a full-blown jab and the macabre. Nearly, every gruesome thing that had been left to an imaginative is for better or even for worse. The movie is fit for a single view only since the storyline simply does not have those ingredients that will support more than the solo serving, pardon this pun.

Initially, there’s no single minute of the movie that would really classify it to be a comedy genre. It is a disturbing suspense/horror and a dark movie. The acting was really better than most of the movies of this kind..

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