Watcher, 2022

This is another psychological thriller movie by the writer and director Chloe Okuno as her feature movie screenwriting and directorial debut, from the screenplay made by Zack Ford.

Cast Lists

Maika Monroe acted as Julia

Tudor Petruț acted as taxi driver

Karl Glusman acted as Francis

Mădălina Anea acted as Irina

Daniel Nuță acted as Cristian

Burn Gorman acted as Daniel Weber

Cristina Deleanu acted as Eleanora


The American couple Francis and Julia relocated to Bucharest, moving in an apartment building that has a big picture window. Julia noticed the guy looming in the window of a building across a street. While Francis is working for long hours, Julia had grown unnerved by a guy in a window, who watched her on an everyday basis.

Julia’s feared heightens when she discovered of the serial slayer, dubbed “the Spider” of the local media, who’s decapitating young ladies. While walking in a city one day, then she senses the guy is following her. Then she handles to flee from the nearby market, however, when Julia and Francis visited a market to review a security footage, it gives inconclusive.

Julia had friends Irina, her neighbor. Irina showed Julia the pistol that Cristian, her boyfriend, gave her for some protection. Later that evening Julia wave at the guy in a window and then he waves back. Being convinced that it’s the same guy that had been following her, she called the police. Francis accompanied an official to an adjacent building to talk with the guy, whom they have known as Daniel Weber.

Then one day, Julia followed Daniel to the strip club, where he’s been working as a janitor. The dancer in a club, Irina, spotted her. Julia questioned Irina about Daniel, however, she knows nothing. Then that evening, Julia heard the commotion in the apartment of Irina. Julia convinced the landlady to not lock the apartment, and there, they find no signs of Irina. Francis believed Julia’s feared are imagined, and then she points to a fact that this “Spider” had apparently been apprehended.

The following day, Cristian arrived searching for Irina, because she never returned home. Then they tried to confront Daniel at his apartment, but then nobody answers at the door. Julia worked up the nerved to knock just by herself later, and it has been answered by an old man. That evening, the police official arrived at the apartment being accompanied by Daniel, and who’s accusing Julia that he was being stalked. The official chalks the incident up with a misunderstanding.

Writer’s Opinion

The audience’s mind is kinda boggled at the way people are calling this movie, slow or had been saying that it is not scary. Sure the movie is not a supernatural horror movie, but with as far as the real life instances are going, this one is really a terrifying movie. You will not also find the movie slow at all. The film expertly builds a tension and anxiety, and they have successfully placed that in the main character mindset. She spent the days totally alone in the new country and does not speak a language.

Watching the movie will make you sense her downward spiral, loneliness, and isolation that left the viewers questioning what is real and what is not. This movie also a stylish and had a very conventional Hitchcock feeling to it, will make it all better. It is all complemented through incredible performances all about a leading to the total effective psychological thriller.

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