Grave Halloween, 2013

The movie is also called The Suicide Forest that had been released in a few marketplaces as the Deathly Halloween and this is also another Canadian TV horror movie. The original production of the CineTel Movies for Syfy, it had been directed by Steven Monroe with the writers Ryan Smith and also Sheldon Wilson. This movie was filmed in Canada but was set in Japan.


On 31st of October, Maiko, the Japanese student who is born American at the Japanese university, risks her life in saving the ghost of her deceased mother. She travelled into Aokigahara Forest in finding her birth mother, the woman that had recently committed suicide. Amber, Kyle, and Terry are her friends who travelled with her, hoping to produce a documentary for the class project.

Cast Lists

Kaitlyn Leeb performed as Maiko

Maiko Miyauchi performed as Maiko’s Mother

Tom Stevens performed as Skylar

Graham Wardle performed as Kyle

Jeffrey Ballard performed as CraigLuna

Kurokawa performed as Maiko’s Sister

Hiro Kanagawa performed as Jin

Dejan Loyola performed as Terry

Kevan Ohtsji performed as Policeman

Cassi Thomson performed as Amber

Jesse Wheeler performed as Brody

Isabelle Beech performed as Young Maiko

Yukari Komatsu performed as Bracelet Woman

Hyuma Frankowski performed as Junior Policeman

Writer’s Notion

Setting off in the Aokigahara Woods, a teen together with her friends’ mission in putting to rest her lasting fears of the passing of her mother put them in danger when a restless spirit of the deceased people around them taking out their anger over the crowd for their behaviors toward them and should find the means to stop them.

This turned out to become quite an enjoyable and an entertaining effort that get lots of great points of it. One of its best elements is the utilization of a local custom that played such a core part of the tale here that it really begins to feel as seem the events could take place to play out if they do. Being in that, this is a Japanese movie where the heritage and the culture of giving honor to one’s deceased echoed throughout this one just in lots of ways that a great pride places on the topic earned the eventual rampage coming from the ghosts and later on the moment that a mocking had been done. It is all completely rational and justified, and that makes a ghostly action all the more enjoyable with some incredibly chilling gags, coming from simply moving you to a diverse dimensional plane of truth without realizing this just in order to stop their pals from seeing them in time just to prevent death, vanishing at the back of rocks, landscape tress and changes to avoid possible detection, putting your thoughts against you, then making you do a thing against your own will – out attacking you together with their ghostly power in brutal and vicious attacks. Through completing this in a really creepy and chilling place, almost seemingly filmed in an actual forest itself as an attention to minute presents the area makes for a totally creepy, chilling area to maintain the whole and gives up lots of suspense from a landscape itself.

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