Barbarian, 2022

It is an American horror thriller movie directed and written by Zach Cregger in his own screen writing and his directorial debut. The movie plot saw a woman finding out that their rental house that she reserved was accidentally been double-booked by one guy man, and not knowing of the dark secret in the dwelling.

Cast Lists

Georgina Campbell acted as Tess Marshall

Matthew Patrick Davis acted as “The Mother”

J.R. Esposito acted as Jeff

Justin Long acted as AJ Gilbride

Bill Skarsgård acted as Keith Toshko

Richard Brake acted as Frank

Kurt Braunohler acted as Doug

Sara Paxton acted as the nursing video narration / an assistant / and Megan Maddox (voice)

Zach Cregger acted as Everett

Brooke Dillman acted as AJ’s mother

Will Greenberg acted as Robert

Kate Nichols acted as Catherine

Sophie Sörensen acted as Bonnie

Jaymes Butler acted as Andre

Kate Bosworth acted as Melissa


Tess Marshall came in the rented house in the rundown Detroit vicinity of Brightmoor during the night before the job interview. But then, she discovered that it was double-booked and this has been already occupied by the guy named Keith Toshko. Originally unnerved by Keith, Then Tess warms up into him and then decided to stay the evening while Keith slept over the sofa. Then she woke up at the middle of that evening, she has been shaken to know her bedroom door had been opened, but then Keith was asleep and assured her he didn’t touch the door.

And then the following morning, Tess goes on to her interview and had been warned to not stay in the place near the house. Going back to the rented house, she was chased inside by the homeless guy who yelled at her to go. She became locked in the basement and stumbled across the hidden corridor, heading to the place with the camcorder, a bloody handprint, and the stained mattress. Keith returned to their house, freed Tess from that basement, and investigated the hidden corridor. Then, he did not return, Tess followed him and discovered the subterranean tunnel linked to a hidden corridor, wherein she saw Keith being injured. The pair had been attacked by the deformed, naked woman that killed Keith.

After two weeks, the house’s owner was fired from the TV series over the allegations that he had raped his co-star. He was pressured to sell the assets to pay the legal costs, AJ travelled to Detroit to have an inspection of the house before finally selling it. AJ discovered the hidden tunnel, then, tried measuring it, believing that it will increase the value of the house. The Mother attacked AJ in that tunnel and he fell into the hole wherein he met Tess.

Writer’s Opinion


The initial act is really good. It has an atmosphere, nuanced, decent acting – mainly from Skarsgard and it is interesting. You do not need to really suspend your disbelief a lot just to allow the movie to shift forward though.

The second act begins well and had improved due to the happenings of the first. This works since it sets the viewers up in the position wherein the audiences are more knowledgeable than the newly commenced characters. It added the tension and the viewer will be interested in whatever direction they would finally take the story.

You will love the way that the first two actors played with a background and personality of the male lead. Leaning and hinting to social stereotypes, however, leaving some clues to the actual intentions. It really worked well. The audience can get the underlying thought of the movie, but it went lost at the end of the movie.

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