Scream, 2022

It is an American slasher movie by director Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and written by Guy Busick and James Vanderbilt. This is the 5th installment of the Scream movie series; though billed being a relaunch of the movie series, this movie is the direct sequel of Scream 4 in 2011. The plot took place after 25 years from the initial Woodsboro murders from the 1996 Scream, when another Ghostface appeared and starts targeting the group of teens who had been somehow connected with the original killings.

Cast Lists

Neve Campbell acted as Sidney Prescott

Courteney Cox acted as Gale Weathers

Mason Gooding acted as Chad Meeks-Martin

Mikey Madison acted as Amber Freeman

Heather Matarazzo acted as Martha Meeks

Jack Quaid acted as Richie Kirsch

Chester Tam acted as Vinson

David Arquette acted as Dewey Riley

Melissa Barrera acted as Sam Carpenter

Roger L. Jackson acted as the Ghostface voice

Reggie Conquest acted as Farney, Woodsboro policeman

Kyle Gallner acted as Vince Schneider

Dylan Minnette acted as Wes Hicks

Jenna Ortega acted as Tara Carpenter

Marley Shelton acted as Judy Hicks

Skeet Ulrich acted as Billy Loomis

Sonia Ammar acted as Liv McKenzie

Jasmin Savoy Brown acted as Mindy Meeks-Martin


After 25 years, Stu Macher and Billy Loomis’s killing spree at Woodsboro, Tara, a high school student is home alone that day she was attacked by the Ghostface and being left being in a hospital.

In Modesto, Sam Carpenter Tara’s estranged older sibling was notified by Wes Hicks, another friend of Tara, regarding the attack. Sam returned to Woodsboro with Richie Kirsch, her boyfriend, to visit Tara confined in a hospital, where Sam was reunited with the friend group of Tara: Wes, Amber Freeman, Liv McKenzie and the twins Mindy and Chad Meeks-Martin. That night, Vince Schneider, Liv’s ex-boyfriend who is the nephew of Stu, was killed by a Ghostface. After the encounter with the Ghostface at a hospital, Sam told Tara that she had been dealing with the hallucinations of Billy, then Sam discovered as a teen, to be her biological father. The true parentage of Sam resulted in the parents’ separation and that is also why Sam happened to be estranged from Tara.

Richie and Sam visited Dewey Riley, who had been divorced from Mr. Gale Weathers. Then they ask for his assistance to stop the killer, and then he contacted Sidney Prescott and Gale, warning them regarding the return of this Ghostface. Dewey joined them at Mindy when Chad’s home and was reunited with Martha, the twins’ mother and Randy Meeks’ sibling. With the three attacked being on the people related in certain capacity to the unique killers, Mindy deduced that the murderer was following the rule of a “requel” – the continuation of the narrative that derived heavily from a plot of its original, while utilizing Tara together with her friends as their new generation and also using the connection of Sam to Billy as the means to weave their legacy characters. Ghostface murders Wes and also Sheriff Judy Hicks, his mother, at their home. Then Dewey reunited with Gale, who had arrived in the town to cover a story. In a hospital, Richie and Tara were attacked by Ghostface, and are saved by the coming Sam and Dewey. Tara, Richie and Sam escape, but then Dewey are murdered when he attempted to finish off the Ghostface.

Writer’s Opinion

After you watch this Scream 2022, I am confused as to just how the fans and the critics had been rated the movie for 9 and 10 out of ten. The first and the second act really well, but the third acting ruined it. The finale felt unearned and random. Certain intentions had no sense at all. You may not also appreciate the writers who are pretty much asking their viewers to suspend the logic while watching.

And whoever had been placing this entry in numbers 2 or 3 position of the franchise had been living in the La La Land. This being said, the movie unlocks itself up to the interesting sixth sequel if this is written really well. Bring back Kevin Williamson to write the whole script better. Bring in even more humor and surprise the viewers with something that is really original.

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