Room 203, 2022

The film is an American horror movie directed by Mr. Ben Jagger. The movie centers on two buddies who are best friends and have recently transferred in together as room buddies, but then realized that their current apartment is being haunted by fatal spirits. The film writers are Ben Jagger, John Poliquin, and Nick Richey and this movie are from the Japanese novel of similar title published by Kobunsha from the writer Nanami Kamon.

The movie is jointly produced by the American dense AMMO Entertainment and with the affiliated Japanese Co. Ammo Inc. This movie was released in USA by Vertical Entertainment with the worldwide sales being handled by the Voltage Pictures.

Cast Lists

Francesca Xuereb acted as Kim White, a film’s protagonist

Yuji Ayabe acted as the delivery man

Sam Coleman as Steve, friend of Tony

Bria Fleming acted as Sandy, the TV casting director’s assistant

Scott Gremillion acted as Ronan, Izzy and Kim’s landlord

Cameron Inman acted as Lena, girlfriend of Chad

Jeroen Frank Kales acted as Chad, the construction assistant of Bob

Patrick and Susan Kirton acted as Samuel & Ann White, the parents of Kim

Rick LaCour acted as Milton Briggs, the former janitor

Timothy McKinney acted as Dr. Phillips, college professor of Kim

Quinn Nehr acted as Tony, the date of Izzy in a local bar

Terry J. Nelson acted as Bob, the building contractor

Viktoria Vinyarska acted as Izzy Davis, best friend of Kim

Eric Wiegand acted as Ian, boyfriend of Kim


When the lifelong best friends Izzy and Kim move to their newly rented Gothic-design apartment, excited to start their independent and new life away from their home, and forgotten about the tragic incident that have interrupted their friendship. However, there is the series of frightening and strange occurrences that convinces Kim that their apartment is a haunted one. With the help of Ian, her new boyfriend, Kim investigated and discovered the terrible curse connected with Morrigu, the goddess of vengeance which may doom Izzy into a fate that is worse than death.

Writer’s Opinion

Talk about a dull and a slow paced movie, this one is in. The movie is a pure boredom and the thing happening in about one hour was just a mirror that fell from the wall, something feathered swarming in the hole in the wall and the room buddy bleeding from her scalp during the middle of an evening.

The performances of the casts in this film were fair enough, however, it is just a shame wherein the casts virtually had nothing sensible to work with in terms of their proper script, character gallery and storyline.

With this movie, being a horror film, the movie director failed to give anything wholesome, entertaining, and the worst of all is anything that is scary.

There was enough production value in this movie, but this could just do nothing to make up for every shortcoming of this movie. The atmosphere of the movie was a bit better, but it was not enough to make up with the shortcomings of the movie.

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