Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 2022

The film is an American slasher movie under the direction of David Blue Garcia of the story by Rodo Sayagues and Fede Álvarez. Set several decades right after the original movie, the story concentrates on the serial slayer Leatherface targeting the group of younger adults and coming in conflict with the vengeful survivor of the former killers.

Cast Lists

Elsie Fisher acted as Lila, is the sister of Melody and the amateur photographer. She endured the school shooting that left her with traumatic injury.

Sarah Yarkin acted as Melody, the SanFo moneymaker who dragged her sister together with her for a business trip to Texas, out of fear that she will be left alone in the urban.

Jessica Allain acted as Catherine, the investor.

Mark Burnham acted as Leatherface, the masked chainsaw-wielding killer.

Jolyon Coy acted as Deputy

Moe Dunford acted as Richter, the mechanic that befriended with Lila.

Sam Douglas acted as Herb

Olwen Fouéré acted as Sally Hardesty, the only survivor from the 1973 Leatherface’s killing spree and a Texas Ranger.

Nell Hudson acted as Ruth, girlfriend of Dante.

William Hope acted as Sheriff Hathaway

Alice Krige acted as Virginia McCumber, “Ginny” the Leatherface’s current home owner.

Jacob Latimore acted as Dante Spivey, Melody and Lila’s close friend.

John Larroquette reprised his role as a narrator of the film.



Fifty years after killing spree of Leatherface’s in 1973, the young entrepreneurs Dante and Melody, Lila, Melody’s sister and Ruth, Dante’s girlfriend travelled to the dumped Texas urban of Harlow, to have an auction of the old properties to make the heavily gentrified, trendy area. While having an inspection of the dilapidated orphanage, the team discovered that it is still being occupied by an old lady named as Ginny. When she claimed she has the papers to prove that she still owns that property, an argument smashed out, briefly interrupted of the towering and silent man from upstairs.

Then, Ginny collapses from the heart attack and was rushed to the hospice, accompanied by the man and Ruth. Catherine, an investor, along with the group of possible buyers arrived in Harlow riding on a big bus, distracting Dante and Melody. In the meanwhile, Lila stroke up a friendship to Richter, the local mechanic, and revealed that she was the survivor of their school shoot-out, leaving her afraid of guns. Ginny died on their way to the hospital and Ruth texted Melody before the guy went berserk and killed the officer driving the ambulance that lead to its crashing.

When Ruth was awakened, she witnesses the guy, revealed as Leatherface, and cutoff Ginny’s face so he can wear as his mask. Ruth handles to the radio for some help before being slain by the Leatherface, who mark his way of going back to Harlow. While at the property auction, Ruth’s texts was read by Melody and prepared to go with Lila. Richter overhears them talking about the death of Ginny and took their keys, agreeing that he will give them back the moment they can provide him proof that they rightfully take out Ginny from the home. Dante and Melody go back to the orphanage in finding them.

Writer’s Opinion

The movie feels much more of a betrayal with the original film instead of a welcoming addition. It is packed with dumb characters, has no plot, nonsensical, and will leave you with that strong feeling that you are just wasting your time while watching it.

The cinematography, production, and the pacing during the first half was impressive, despite the folly of the plot which had been clearly a means of setting up the smorgasbord of fodder to the Leatherface. The humanization of a character was refreshing and palpable and that everything disintegrated during the second half, wherein the movie followed every horror trope, then an up with the most obvious plot hole and the laughable absence of reality. However, the primary half had the typical local hick that is anticipated as one of the antagonists. Lots of the shots, particularly in the scene from the sunflower field, had been shy of the beautiful in a horrible way. The entire bus scene was mutually fun in a satirical manner, disturbingly gruesome, and what preceded it had made absolutely nonsense.

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