Silent Night, 2021

This is an apocalyptic Christmas comedy and horror film by director Camille Griffin. The movie features the crowd of friends who became reunited for one more final Christmas before the ambiguous apocalypse can wipe out all humanity.

Cast Lists

Keira Knightley performed as Nell, mother of Thomas, Art, and Hardy, and the wife of Simon.

Roman Griffin performed Davis as Art, the son of Nell and Simon, brother of Thomas and Hardy.

Matthew Goode performed as Simon, father of Thomas, Art, and Hardy and the husband of Nell.

Annabelle Wallis performed as Sandra, mother of Kitty and wife of Tony.

Lily-Rose Depp performed as Sophie, the wife of James

Kirby Howell-Baptiste performed as Alex, the wife of Bella

Sope Dirisu performed as James, the husband of Sophie

Rufus Jones performed as Tony, father of Kitty and the husband of Sandra

Lucy Punch performed as Bella, the wife of Alex

Davida McKenzie performed as Kitty, the daughter of Sandra and Tony

Gilby and Hardy Griffin Davis performed as Thomas and Hardy, the twin sons of Nell and Simon, and the brothers of Art.


The married couple Simon and Nell host an annual Christmas dinner at the country estate for the previous school friends and with their spouses. Now, this Christmas is really a special one occasion with everybody dressing in a formal outfit, and the kids being permitted to swear. It’s gradually revealed that due to an imminent surrounding catastrophe wherein the rolling gas cloud had been killing most forms of life, the British administration had issued suicide pills to have an easy and quick death before this cloud hits Britain. This suicide pill had been given to the whole population, except to those who are irregular migrants and the homeless.

Simon, Nell, and the others from their friends had made a suicide deal in taking the pills and handed them to their kids. But, while James agreed with his friends with that decision, his younger wife Sophie had recently found out that she is having a baby and is still not sure whether she will take the pill or not.

There are some confrontations during the evening: Kitty had been given a doll which resembles her, and then she hugged her father, but then refused to hug Sandra although she begged her to. Then, Art saw the act of present giving ridiculous, and so he lashed-out to the adults and then runs from a room; Sandra told James she had adored him during their school days and was awe why they never did anything, like sex; Tony got visibly upset at the admission and claimed that he had never made any mistake, at which pointed Bella said that they had sex once before he had been with Sandra.

Alex felt left out during that festivity, which caused her to become drunk and faint in her bed. Simon, Nell, and their children had a video chat with the mother of Nell, who was abroad, to say their goodbyes. The chat leaves Art, their eldest, in distressed. He starts to speculate that this administration and the scientists were all wrong. Art approached Sophie and James with his fears. Then, Sophie revealed that she is aware that the poison will then kill her, although she doesn’t want to take that pill. Art told his mother that what he wants is to stay together with Sophie while holding her hand until both of them will be dead. Simon and Nell were distressed and were trying to tell Art that he should take the pill together with them, his family.

Writer’s Notion

The last 20 minutes and the final part of the movie are excellent, but sad to say, you get to a point that you need to bear pretty much endless dullness. The acting is just fine, but the characters were so unlikeable that you will barely care what really happened to them by that time that you get to a good bit. These kids are awful people and their constant swearing is really quite repulsive.

The movie may have a plot point, however, if it was far heavy handed. It could have worked if this is just a 20-minute episode of any anthology television show, but didn’t have that sufficient substance to carry this for 90 minutes and more and the padding that had been building of the casts and their back to stories just create a tiresome movie. It’s really a shame – handled differently, maybe this could have been better.

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