Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker, 1991

The film is an American horror movie of director Martin Kitrosser and this is the 5th movie in the Silent Night, Deadly Night movie series.

Cast Lists

William Thorne performed as Derek Quinn

Eric Welch performed as Buck

Zoe Yuzna performed as Brandy

Gerry Black performed as Harold

Tracy Fraim performed as Noah Adams

Jane Higginson performed as Sarah Quinn

Clint Howard performed as Ricky Baker

Billy Oscar performed as Dad

Van Quattro performed as Tom Quinn

Catherine Schreiber performed as Mother

Gary Schmoeller performed as Stroller #2

Amy L. Taylor performed as Merideth

Conan Yuzna performed as Lonnie

Cathy Yuzna performed as Stroller #1

Brian Bremer performed as Pino Petto

Richard N. Gladstein performed as Driver Dad

Neith Hunter performed as Kim Levitt

Jan Linder performed as Nurse

Jennifer Pusheck performed as Elf

Mickey Rooney performed as Joe Petto

Thornton Simmons performed as Other Santa


Late one evening of December, Derek Quinn, a young boy heard a doorbell ring and went downstairs and finds the Christmas gift addressed to him over a porch. Tom, his father, reprimanded him for being late and opens the door, letting him off to sleep. Instead, Derek watched from the stairs since his curious father unwrapped the gift. Finding the musical orb shaped that is like Santa Claus inside the box, he activated it, causing this to choke him with the retractable cords. When Tom struggled, he slips and fell down the fireplace poker, the impaled body being seen by his Sarah, his wife, after some moments.

After two weeks, Sarah takes Derek, to the toy-store owned by Joe Petto, an elderly and PINO, his strange son, because Derek has not spoken even since the death of his father, not realizing that Noah Adams followed them. Right after Derek rejected all the toys that Joe showed him, Derek and his mother left the store, prompting Joe to start angrily yelling to Pino, blamed him for every recent failure of the store. While running away from his father, from there, Pino bumped into Noah and he dropped the larvae toy and Noah pick-up the toy and bought along with the other toys. At their house, Noah starts taking apart his toys that he bought from the toy-store of Joe when he was confronted by Harold, their angry landlord. Late paying renter, Noah, to smoothened things over, gave Harold that Larry the Larvae small toy to exchange for a-day extension.

Silent Night

When he drove home, Harold was killed when that Larry the Larvae crawled into his mouth and rip-out his eyes, causing the vehicle car to crash and exploded. The following day, Sarah took Derek to watch Santa at the mall, seeing one more gift on their porch on their way out. While Derek and Sarah are out, Pino sneaks inside their house, using the key that he had hidden for years earlier during the time that they were still living there. When Derek and Sarah get home early, Pino go-out of the house, after talking to Joe about the intrusion of Pino, Sarah decided to let Derek unwrapped the gift dropped off earlier, still, Derek refused to touch it.

Writer’s Notion

There’s the host of creepy and strange characters in the movie, from this toy maker Joe, who had the eerie capability of bringing things back to their life. Pino is just creepy and the plain weird here, in addition to that reality that he has not aged in about 20 years, to the oddly Noah, who showed up in the city.

Altogether, the movie was an excellent one, having every aspect of the wild horror ride. You would think the tale of satanic Santa and Christmas best left forgotten, however, this film proved that follow-ups may be just as exciting as the first movie, even after following the similar pattern – nobody really stays long enough to you to be connected to them, and also as the movie went on, you can feel more pity for the characters that they are starting to suspect. Make sure that you closely watch this movie that had some appealing cameos that are really good to miss.

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