Santa Claus, 1959

This Mexican fantasy film is sometimes called as Santa Claus versus the Devil and under the direction of Rene Cardona with the co-writer Adolfo Torres Portillo. Within the movie, Santa Claus worked in the outer space and fights with Pitch, the demon, who was sent to Earth through Lucifer to ruin the Christmas celebration through slaying Santa and “making every kid of the Earth to do evil”.

Cast Lists

José Elías Moreno performed as Santa Claus

Cesáreo Quezadas performed as Pedro

Ken Smith performed as the narrator

Nora Veryán performed as Lupita’s mother

Armando Arriola performed as Merlin

Polo Ortín

Lupita Quezadas performed as Lupita

Ángel Di Stefani performed as Vulcan

José Luis Aguirre performed as Pitch (Precio) ‘Trotsky’

Antonio Díaz Conde-hijo performed as Billy

Queta Lavat


Santa Claus

On 24th of December, Santa was preparing for his annual trip at the Toyland castle in the space. He played the organ while the children helper’s from all around the globe sing. In the meantime, in Hell, Lucifer instructed Pitch, his chief demon, to travel to the Earth and turn every kid of the world to be anti-Santa or else as a punishment, he will eat chocolate ice creams.

In the busy marketplace, Pitch attempted to convince the five kids to “make their Santa Claus angry”: Billy, a son of the wealthy, but neglectful parents; the three troublemaking brothers and Lupita, the poor girl. Pitch failed in convincing Lupita to take a doll from the vendor, but succeeded in convincing the troublemaking brothers to smash the hop window. The child workers of Santa alerted him to these happenings. Unable to take a trip to the Earth before the nightfall on Christmas Eve, he uses equipment instead to watch the children and Pitch. One device permits him to view the dream of Lupita, induced by Pitch, wherein she was tormented by the life-sized hopping dolls who attracts her to steal. Santa also listens as these three brothers planned to break the house of Billy and steal the presents. They attempted to also write the letter to Santa who is claiming that they had been good, but the voice of Santa informed them that he may see all that they’re doing.

Santa’s most trusted helper is Merlin the wizard who gives Santa a sleep reminding powder and the flower that permits him to disappear. Merlin then retrieved the magic key which will unlock any door on the Earth and prepared the mechanical reindeer. On the Earth, those three troublemaking boys plot on capturing and enslaving Santa. For a moment, Lupita together with her mother who says a prayer and then Lupita said that she had wished to have two dolls, and one of the dolls, she will hand it over to the Jesus, the Baby Jesus.

Writer’s Notion

Every highlight in the film involved this Pitch, the demon, who was sent to Earth and seemingly do more than frustrate our Santa Claus. You would consider here that Satan has, the more reliable deputies. Satan handles to turn the three little lads against Santa, and played some odd pranks about him, all whereas prancing about the sets to the goofball music in the manner that was likely meant to be a bit funny for the kids, but happens to be not intentionally hilarious for the adult bad movie buff.

There are some odd ridiculousness to it which is unlike anything you will have ever seen in the movie that may leave “normal” viewers of the 21st century puzzled, while living there will be some that will be leaving the taste for a bizarre in hysterics. If you go in it looking for the moralist, typical, children’s Christmas movie, you’ll likely be grazing your head and then say, “huh?”, But when you like your movies for Christmas, with some side order of weirdness, you won’t get disappointed here.

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