Krampus: The Devil Returns, 2016

The film is also called as Krampus 2: The Devil Returns and it’s an American horror movie that was directed and written by Jason Hull. This movie is the sequel to the movie from 2013 Hull entitled Krampus: The Christmas Devil.

Cast Lists

A.J. Leslie performed as Jeremy Duffin

Michael Mili performed as Harry Sharp

Arturo Rivera performed as Rick

Melantha Blackthorne performed as Natashia

Darren Barcomb performed as Paul Sharp

Ben Berlin performed as Krampus

Darin Foltz performed as Dave Kane

Richard Goteri performed as Gil Farabee

Daniel James performed as Trevor

R.A. Mihailoff performed as Stuart

Shawn C. Phillips performed as Rob Sanderson

Johnny Stevenson performed as Monk

Robbie Barnes performed as Amy Baker

Will Barrett performed as the Post Office Worker

Tiffani Fest performed as Lori Taylor

Paul Ferm performed as Santa Clause

Jason Hull performed as Neighbor Bill

Bill Kennedy performed as T.J.


Not capable of solving the onslaught of the missing kids in their city, the Police Official Dave Kane and Paul Sharp lured the former official Jeremy Duffin out of the self imposed exile subsequent with the killing of his wife plus the kidnapping of his daughter in the hands of the Krampus (Ben Berlin).

Right after so much debate and also with the anticipations of locating his daughter, Duffin unwillingly agreed to track this monster and was accompanied by his friend, the hulking woodsman, Monk. Once back to the civilization, Sharp, Duffin, Monk, and Kane are joined by the cops Gil Farabee, Harry Sharp, and Lori Taylor. The quest of searching Krampus and the kids are further complicated by the run-ins with the tough guy Stuart with the gang that consisted of Natasha, T.J., Trevor and Rick, along with the nasty Santa Claus.

Writer’s Notion

The dialogue can be rambling and stilted with so many clichés, lots of unplanned humor that makes most of the movie play like a total bad spoof and without any depth or whatsoever, whereas, its pace went on to the standstill really quick and dragged on forever with some going on worth thinking about and the useless padding, and did not recover. The minimal action would not have mattered that much if its character development was engaging or present, instead there had been no sufficient being learnt about the casts, the exposition is really heavy relying upon and is not illuminating or interesting, actually dragging the things down. Discovered lots of the supposedly surprising moments not scary and the supposedly eerie atmosphere dreary because of the excessive obviousness and there are lots of vague and dumb explanations and moments and also the lack of suspense and tensions.

It would not have minded its lacking of originality if the atmosphere and the story were at least right in execution, and in reality they had been both poorly done. There are lots of ‘Krampus: The Devil Returns’ that has underdeveloped chart elements and usually confusing and nonsensical character motivations, whereas too many things that will shock you or make you jump are far from the scary and the creative or the pretty tame. The final part did not satisfy the viewers and it felt anemic and the entire scenes felt like there was over-stretched-to-past-breaking-point short movie tale.

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