The Elf, 2016

This movie is directed by Tristan Price and it is about an inherited toy shop. The guy discovered the cursed elf doll being sealed inside the ancient chest. Then he soon discovers that a doll is the conduit to the supernatural evil that was intended to unleash the killing spree upon the family.

Cast Lists

Natassia Halabi performed as Victoria

Gabriel Miller performed as Nick

Viviana Ozuna performed as Lauri

Pat Turner performed as Grandpa Fred

Les Best performed as Delmar

Alejandro Rose-Garcia performed as Brody

Joseph Daniel Ellis performed as Jeremiah

Lassiter Holmes performed as John

Lisa May performed as Tiffany

Alicia Rubio performed as Teresa

Loren Haskins Alonzo performed as Angel

Margareta Fratila performed as Martha

Amy Jo Guthrie performed as Sky


The supernatural creature killed the toymaker in the middle of sewing shut a mouth of some kids. The creature stole the list of names coming from a toymaker’s possession. After years, Victoria and Nick the troubled fiancé visited the antique shop in the oddly deserted hometown of Nick on the eve of Christmas. Victoria saw the empty ledger of the toymaker. Nick discovered the odd elf doll. The conscious elf doll branded Nick with the supernatural sigil just before running away. Then Nick pockets the ‘Naughty’ list of the names right after reading the warning about a doll’s curse and the ability to take out a name from a list.

The Elf

From the shop window, Victoria spotted the guy shoveling the snow outside, although there’s no snow over the ground. While on their drive going to the former home of Nick’s family, Nick stopped to assist a guy in the car crash, but an injured guy merely behaves incoherently. This couple is concerned with finding an immobile elf doll was waiting for them in their house. Nick reiterated that he never wishes to celebrate the Christmas season because of his childhood trauma. Victoria repeated her insistence that they’re spending the holiday season with the family.

Nick watched Victoria’s name appeared on the lists. Victoria needed to rescue Nick if he became entranced by the traumatic flashback to becoming the boy. Nick goes on to leave their house, but was caught off by a surprise arrival of John, Victoria’s father, the mother, Stephanie, the brother Jeremiah, the sister Tiffany, and his grandparents. The grandparents of Victoria left to run for some errand and an elf doll killed them in the car. Jeremiah and Nick search outside when their grandparents did not come back. Jeremiah unexpectedly attacked Nick, claiming that it is John that told him to do it. The elf doll killed Jeremiah. John revealed to Victoria wherein he discovered Nick to kill his father and then stabbed his mother during the Christmas execution when he was still years old. Victoria refused to acknowledge the concern of her dad about marrying Nick. Then Nick returned to the house raging about a doll killing Jeremiah. Because of the troubled mental history, he has, everyone assumed Nick was homicidal and delusional.

Writer’s Notion

This movie is a Christmas freaking classic one. The plot is a bit terrible, however, for it to be real there would be a need to become a cohesive plot. It is more like their crews and actors were all permitted to write a sentence that involved the topics “Christmas” and “elf doll”.

It seems that the moment it was written, they were being thrown in the fish bowl. They were drawn at random, glued to pieces of paper and with the purple glue stick (wherein most of their budget went), and utilized as being loose suggestions for the sceneries improvised in different random locations. The bottom line is that, the movie is a kind of Hallmark, Lifetime, Disney and all of them had made some of the best Christmas movies. However, the content located in this Elf cannot be discovered anywhere else, but still it is recommended to watch it and give it a chance!

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